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2007 Vinayaka Mission's University Biotechnology B.E Industrial Bio-Technolgy GENETIC ENGINEERING Question paper

Course: B.E Industrial Bio-Technolgy   University/board: Vinayaka Mission's University

What are called as Sticky or Cohesive ends?
Explain the Type II Restriction enzymes.
Give the function of DNA ligase.
Give the use of linkers in Recombinant DNA technology.
Describe briefly about any two enzymes used in non – radioactive labeling of Nucleic acid.
Explain labeling by Nick translation.
Give the function of Taq DNA polymerase.
What are the components required for PCR?
Give any two applications of PCR.
What is meant by RT – PCR?
Write a note on Application of RT – PCR.
Explain Ligase Chain Reaction?
Give the application of Ligase chain reaction.
What are the chemical agents used to modify DNA for Maxam and Gilbert method?
Give the function of Piperdine in Maxam and Gilbert DNA sequencing method.
Explain Ligase Chain Reaction.
Define Heteroduplexing.
What is meant by Northern blot?
Compare the properties of Nitrocellulose membrane with nylon membrane.
What is meant by Filter hybridization?
Write briefly about the hybridization probes used in Nucleic acid labeling.
What are the steps involved in gel pretreatment during Hybridization?
Give any two blocking agents used in Hybridization.
Write short notes on Southern blotting.
Give any two applications of Blotting techniques.
What are Restriction enzymes? Write about their Nomenclature and about the different classes of Restriction enzymes.
Explain the different methods of Cutting DNA molecules.
What are the different methods of joining two DNA molecules? Explain.
Explain the different methods of DNA labeling.
Explain the different Radioactive labeling methods.
Write in detail about the different Non-Radioactive labels.
Compare Radioactive labeling and Non – Radioactive labeling methods available for Nucleic acid labeling.
Explain Polymerase Chain Reaction and its application.
Write an account on RAPD and its significance.
Describe Maxam and Gilbert method of DNA sequencing.
Give different type of Nucleic acid hybridization and its applications.
Explain the principle behind Nucleic acid hybridization.
Describe Southern hybridization and its application.
Explain Western Blotting and its applications.
What are the different methods involved in Plasmid isolation?
Give any two naturally occurring Plasmid.
What are Cloning vectors and Expression vectors?
How do you convert low copy plasmids into high copy plasmids?
What is meant by Plasmid incompatibility?
What are Shuttle vectors?
Explain R1 Plasmid.
Give the properties of Col E1 Plasmids.
Write short notes on pSC 101 Vectors.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Plasmids as vector DNA?
Write notes on pBR 322 Vector.
What are pUC vectors?
What is meant by insertional inactivation?
What is meant by unique Restriction sites?
What are Lambda vectors?
Give an example for l Phage vector.
Give the selectable markers for Lambda vectors.
Give the selectable markers used in improved l Phage vectors.
Explain about M13 Phage vector.
What are Cosmid vectors.
What are Retro viral vectors?
Comment on Baculovirus vectors.
Explain the role of Plasmid as vectors.
Write notes on Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes.
Write notes on Yeast Artificial Chromosomes.
Explain the properties of pBR322.
Give the properties of pUC Vectors.
Give the properties of Lambda Vectors.
Give the advantages of Phage vectors over Plasmid vectors.
Write an detailed notes on Cosmid Vectors.
Brief account on Artificial chromosomes.
What are Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs)?
What are Yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs)?
Explain about the cloning in Bacteria other than E. coli.
Explain in detail the cloning vectors used for Gram negative bacteria.
Explain in detail the cloning vectors used for Gram positive bacteria.
Explain in detail Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic expression vectors.
Write about Bacculoviral expression vectors.
Explain Retroviral expression vectors.
Unit III
What are the basic steps involved in constructing recombinant DNA?
Define Competency.
What is the role of calcium chloride in preparing Competent cells.
Write short notes on electroporation.
What is Transfection?
Define Transformation?
What is meant by somatic cell fusion?
Define ‘Protoplast’.
What is meant by differential screening?
Write a note on YES Vectors.
Account on SV Vectors.
What is the function of RI Plasmid?
Write a note on promoters used in Yeast expression system.
Write a brief note on Ti Plasmid.
Write short notes on T DNA.
What are Co-integration and Binary Vectors?
Comment briefly on different promoters used for expression in plants.
Give an account on Gene transfer.
What is shot gun method of Gene transfer?
What is Nuclear injection method?
Define Competency. Describe the protocol for the preparation of Competent cells.
What are the different methods of Gene Transformation?
What are the different methods of Gene Transfection?
Write an essay on Expression system using Escherichia coli
Write notes on Expression system using Streptomyces.
Give a detailed account on Expression system using Yeast.
Write an essay on Agrobacterium mediated transformation.
What are Ti Plasmids? Explain with a neat labeled diagram.
Write a short note on the following:
a. Short gun method of gene transfer
b. Nuclear injection method
Describe various methods of Gene transfer in plants.
Unit iv
Define Genomic library.
What is cDNA library?
Write on In situ Hybridization.
What are the different methods for comparing Transcriptomes?
Explain briefly on differential screening and differential display.
What is meant by reporter genes?
Explain briefly about Gel retardation assays.
Write briefly on Yeast one hybrid systems.
What are the different methods for Translational analysis?
What is Chromosome walking?
Write short notes on Chromosome jumping.
Write notes on any two DNA Probe.
Give the applications of DNA probes.
Give the applications of molecular markers in Recombinant DNA technology.
What are Minisatellites and Microsatellites?
What are the steps involved in Restriction mapping?
What are the steps involved in Gene Targeting?
What is Transcript mapping?
Give an account on Gene targeting.
Define Transposons.
Write a detailed account on the construction of Genomic library.
Briefly describe the methods used in screening and selection of Genomic library.
Explain how cDNA Libraries are constructed?
Explain the various methods used in the analysis of Gene expression.
Write a short note on the following.
a. Chromosome walking
b. Chromosome jumping
Write an essay on Restriction mapping and its applications.
Give a detailed account on the applications of Gene targeting.
Describe briefly about the various molecular markers used in Recombinant DNA technology.
What is Transcript mapping? Describe the various methods used for Transcript mapping
What are Transposons? Explain Transposon tagging with examples.
Define Mutagenesis?
What are ‘Mutants’?
Write on Cassette Mutagenesis.
Write an account on Deletion mutagenesis.
Explain briefly Oligonucleotide derived mutagenesis
Write a note on Site directed mutagenesis.
What is DNA fingerprinting?
Give the basis of DNA Fingerprinting?
Expand RFLP and mention its applications.
Explain Biodegradable plastics.
Write about any two Recombinant proteins used in diagnostic purpose.
What is Animal pharming?
What is Microinjection?
List out some applications of Transgenic plants and animals.
Mention any two Therapeutic vaccines produced by rDNA technology.
What is antisense RNA?
Give any two applications of Antisense RNA technique.
What is meant by Biosafety?
Comment on different Biosafety Levels.
Mention any two safety guide lines for rDNA technology
Discuss on Site-directed mutagenesis and its applications.
Write an essay on the applications of rDNA technology in producing recombinant proteins.
Describe how Biodegradable plastics can be produced by rDNA technology
Write a detailed account on the applications of rDNA technology in Pathogenesis and Diagnostics.
Give a detailed account on the applications of rDNA technology for producing therapeutic vaccine.
Briefly describe the methods developed for the production of Transgenic plants and animals.
Describe Antisense - RNA technique and its applications.
What are the safety lines for rDNA techniques?
Give a detailed account on the guidelines for disposal of Biowastes.

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