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2007 University of Kashmir B.C.A. Computer Application BCA ist year Annual regular examination University Question paper

Course: B.C.A. Computer Application   University/board: University of Kashmir

Subject Code : 22348
Total Questions : 9
Total Printed Pages : 3 Maximum Marks : 100
Digital Electronics Minimum Marks : 40
Time Allowed : 2*1/2Hours

Note :-Attemt all questions from section a and b and only two questions from section c.

Section A (Very short answer type questions to be answered in about 10-20 words). 8*2*1/2.

1.(i) What is a logic gate? What are positive and nagetive logic systems ?

(ii) What are error detection and correction codes ? Explain parity code .

(iii) What is a code converter ? Design a logic circuit for converting 4 bit binary code to gray code.

(iv) Explain NAND and NOR gates. Why are they called Universal gates ?

(v) Define flip flop, latch. What are the applications of flip flop ?

(vi) Define modulus of a counter. What is tghe maximum modulus of 3 bit binary counter ?

(vii) Explain speed power product of logic gate ?

(viii) Define noise, noise immunity and noise margin.

Section B (Short answer type questions to b e answered in about 200-250 words). 4*10=40

2. What is Hamming code ? Construct even parity seven bit Hamming code to transmit data 0100.

3. Define Half adder and Full adder. Draw the logic circuits and write the truth tables of both.

4. What is the difference between Synchrionous and Asynchronous counter ? Explain 4 bit Asynchronous DOWN counter in detail.

5. What are digital IC's ? Explain SSI, MSI, LSI, VLSI, and ULSI .

Section C(Long answer type questions to be answered in about 400-500 words). 2*20=40

6.(a) Convert the following from Decimal to Binary:

(i) 14.625

(ii) 0.6940

(b) Convert the following from Binary to Hexadecimal:

(i) 1100101111111


(c) Convert the following Hexadecimal to Decimal:

(i) 11A.62

(ii) AF.2F

(d) Multiply the following:

(i) 10111.01 * 1011

(ii)1011011 * 1011.1

7. What is a multiplexer ? What are the applicxations ? Describe 4*1 Multiplexer in detail.

8. With the help of neat labelled logic Diagram explain the working of -ve edge triggered SR Flip-Flop. Draw truth table and Timming Diagram also.

9. Define ROM and its different types. Explain the two dimensional addressing of ROM.

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