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2009 Karnataka State Karnatak University Education P.U.C Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology FIRST P.U.C MID-TERM EXAMINATION-2009 Question paper

Course: P.U.C Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology   University/board: Karnatak University

Times:3 hours Subject: CHEMISTRY Marks:90
Answer the following questions:-

1.Name the halide ore of magnesium.
2.Write the atomic number of the element whose outermost electrons are represented by 3s2,3p6.
3.Which is the smallest atom among halogens?
4.What is the volume occupied by 1 mole of a gas at STP?
5.Give the relationship between equivalent mass of a solute & normality of its solution.
6.Name the gas law which explain the variation of volume of the gas with temperature at constant pressure.
7.State law of conservation energy.
8.Name a drug which is used as antipyretic and analgesics.
9.Write the structural formula of a 2-chloropropanoic acid.
10.Name the catalyst used in the hydrogenation of alkenes.

Answer any TEN of the following:
11.Mention any two uses of ethane.
12.How is Buna-S prepared?
13.Explain functional isomerism with an example.
14.State Markownikoff's rule.
15.1 mole of an ideal gas expands isothermally and reversibly from a pressure of 4atm to 2atm at 300K. Calculate the maximum workdone.
16.Calculate the kinetic energy of 88gms of CO2 at 300K.
17.Define (1) Molarity (2) Equivalent mass of an element.
18.What is the affect of atomic radii and nuclear charge on ionization energy?
19.What is diagonal Relationship? Mention any one diagonally related pair of elements.
20.Name the different series of spectral lines found in the hydrogen spectrum.
21.How is an ore concentrated by forth flotation process?
22.Explain Friedel Craft's reaction.

Answer any THREE of the following:
23.a)Explain the extraction of Zinc of pyrometallurgical process.
b)Name the solvent used in the extraction of Gold. 4+1
24.a)State Pauli's principle and Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity
b)Write the significance of principal quantum number. 4+1
25.a)Give three difference between diamond and graphite.
b)Write two limitations of Bohr's theory. 3+2
26.a)Calculate the wavelength of 'H'alpha line of the hydrogen spectrum.
b)How does sodium reacts with water? 3+2
27.a)Explain the terms:(1)Ionization energy (2)Electronegativity.
b)Sketch the shape of atomic orbitals whose Azimuthal quantum numbers are 0 and 1. 3+2

Answer the THREE of the following:
28.a)Write any four postulates of Kinetic theory of gases
b)State Daltons law of partial pressure.
29.a)The enthalpies of formation of methane, carbondioxide and water are -74.8KJ,-393.5KJ.-286KJ respectively. Calculate the enthalpy of combustion of methane.
b)What is the value of standard enthalpy of formation of carbon?
30.a)15.8gms of cupric oxide on reduction by heating in a current of hydrogen 12.6gms of copper was obtained. Calculated the equivalent Mass of copper.
b)State Hess's law constant heat summation.
31.a)Derive the relationship between V.D. and molecular mass of a gas.
b)2.835gms of an acid with molecular mass 126 was dissolved in 250cm3 of the solution. The normality of the prepared solution was 0.18N. Calculate the basicity of the acis.

Answer any TWO of the following:
32.a)An organic compound contains 54.5% carbon,9.1% hydrogen and rest oxygen. If the molecular mass of the compound is 88. Determine its molecular formula.
b)What is meant by LDPE.
33.a)Explain the mechanism of chlorination of methane.
34.a)Explain the isolation of pure benzene from coaltar.
b)How do you convert bromoethane to ethene?

Part-D D1
Answer any ONE of the following:
35.a)Describe Victor Meyer's method for determining molecular mass of a volatile substance.
b)(1) What are S-block elements? Write their general electronic configuration.
(2) Explain calcination and roasting.
c)How is sulphur detected in an organic compound? 4+4+2
36.a)Describe the extraction of magnesium from sea water.
b)(1)How do you convert Toluene to TNT.
(2)Write any one ring opening reaction of cyclopropane.
c)Calculate the number of atoms present in 24gms of carbon. 4+4+2

37. Describe the experiment to determine the heat of solution of potassium nitrate. 5
38. Describe how the equivalent mass of magnesium is determined by the hydrogen displacement
method. 5
39.a)Explain chromyl chloride test. 5
b)Give a confirmatory test for NO3. 3+2

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