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2007 Bangalore University B.C.A. Computer Application Computer Fundamentals Question paper

Course: B.C.A. Computer Application   University/board: Bangalore University

II Semester B.Sc./B.C.A. andIV Semester
B.A./B.Sc. /B.Com./B.B.M./B.H.M. Examination, May/June 2007
Computer Fundamentals
(II Semester B.Sc./B.C.A. Fresh Students and Common to All B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com./B.B.M./B.H.M. Courses of 4th Semester)

Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 90

Instructions : Answer all the Sections.


Note : (i) Answer any ten questions.
(ii) Each question carries two marks. (10x2=20)

1. a) What is a computer ?
b) Write any two characteristics of computer.
c) Name any two input devices.
d) What is secondary memory ?
e) Write any two features of machine language ?
f) What is a flow chart ?
g) What is meant by operating system ?
h) What is spread sheet ?
i) What is the purpose point software ?
j) What is computer network ?
k) What is WWW ?
l) Define internet.


Note : (i) Answer any five questions.
(ii) Each question carries five marks. (5x5=25)

2. Explain mainframe computers.
3. Explain application software.
4. Write a note on assembly language.
5. Discuss any five DOS commands.
6. Convert (90)10 = (?)2 = (?)8 = (?)16.
7. Explain formatting features of word processor.
8. Write a BASIC program to fins the sum of two numbers.
9. Explain Wide Area Network (WAN).


Note : (i) Answer any three questions.
(ii) Each question carries fifteen marks. (3x15=45)

10. a) Write a note on third generation computers.
b) Write the applications of computer in business. (8+7)

11. a) With a neat diagram, explain the functional unit of computer.
b) Explain any one output device. (8+7)

12. Write notes on :
a) RAM and ROM
b) Optical media.
c) Spread sheet functions. (5+5+5)

13. a) Write an algorithm to find the largest of three numbers.
b) Explain different items in desktop. (7+8)

14. Write notes on :
a) Computer virus
b) E-mail. (7+8)


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