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Course:   University/board: Kerala PSC

Question Paper Code: 147/2008

Examination Held on:14/06/2008

The answers are also given, below each questions.

1.The arithmetic mean of 2,4,6,8,10……….16 will be:

2. 14 Commercial Banks were nationalized in the year:

3. it is a form of equity financing designed specially for funding high risk and high frowth potential projects:
venture capital financing

4,Carriage paid on purchase of a machinery debited to carriage account is:
An error of principle

5.Schedules are filled by :

6.Which of the following is not an institutin of capital market?
Commercial Banks

7 Amoung the following which is not an essential element of a vid contract?
An invitation

8.Trimmings in timber industry should be treated as a:

9.On a contract ,Rs 400000 was received on cash, which was 80% of the work certified.

10.As a rule of thumb, the standard c current ratio is:

11.In a symmetrical distribution, the true equation is:
mean =median=mode

12. Totality utility is maximum, when marginal utility is:

13. In the primary market the price of the security is fixed by the

14.Directors remuneration and expenses form a part of:
Administration overhead

15. Rs 7000/- profit Rs 3000, and sales Rs 50,000, the p/v ratio will be:

16. When fixed cost is 25% of the cost price,then it is :
20% of the sale price

17. Jankiraman committee was concerned with:
Security market

18.Ancilllary industrial units are those:
Which provide inputs to other industries.

19: A liquid ratio is also known as: Quick Ratio

20. OTCEI is concerned with :

21. An audit which is a continuous and systematic process of examining and responding the operations and records of a concern by its employees selected specially for this purpose is called:
Internal Audit

22.The major factor that contributed to motivating women entrepreneurs of kerala is:
High literacy of women

23. Marketing channels do not help in creating
form utility

24. The type of process loss that should not affect the cost of inventories is:
Abnormal loss

25.Th coefficient of variation was developed by:
Karl Pearson

26. Programme Evaluation Review technique (PERT) is an important:
Network analysis technique.

27.Which department of a company is responsible for the demand forecasting of sales?

28. The loss suffered from the date of acquisition of the business to the date of incorporation should be debited, to:
Goodwill account

29.For providing depreciation on hand tools, the appropriate method of depreciation is:
Revaluation method

30.Examination of documentary evidence to ascertain the accuracy and authenticity of transactions recorded in the books of account is called:

31.Cash flow statement is a tool of financial analysis, helps in making –decisions.
Short term

32. X and Y are sharing profit and losses in the ration 3:2.Z is admitted with 1/5th share in the profits of the firm, which he gets from X. Now the new profit sharing ration between X, Y and Z will be: 2:2:1

33.Grain consumed by the live stock will be appear in the:
Livestock Account and Profit or Loss Account

34. Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor is called:

35. Discount or expenses on issue of shares or debentures is an example of---
Fictitious assets

36. Communication in an organization flows:
Upward and Downward

37. A searching enquiry into the accounts and accords of a business for a special purpose to ascertain a particular fact and to assess the situation is :

38. The primary objective of auditing is:
Verify the accounts and reports

39.An international,deliberate or willful mis-statement of facts which are material for the formation of a contract is known as :

40. If there are many firms producing homogeneous products the competition generally is said to be :
Perfect Competition

41. Specific donations appearing on the receipts side of the recipts and payment account is to be carried to :
Liability side of the Balance sheet .

42.The common currency among eleven European nation is:

43. Cash paid down at the time of hire purchase transaction is debited by the purchaser of the goods to :
Hire vendors account

44.The individual who attempted first to value human being in monetary terms.
William Petty

45. In case of Marine Insurance, the provision against unexpected risk is .

46. Which one of the following is not an element of marketing mix?
None of these

47. The process of converting one national currency into another and of transferring drom one country to another is known as
Foreign exchange

48.Welfare definition of Economics is given by

49.Which is the oldest type of organisation ?
Line organization

50. The coordination function of management helps in:
Bring harmony in various activities

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