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2009 Mental Ability Model Paper Question paper

Course:   University/board: Kerala PSC


Questions 1 – 5 : Which does not belong to the same group.

1. A. Jupiter B. Mercury C. Moon D. Neptune E. None of these

2. A. Square B. Rectangle C. Circle D. Parallelogram E. None of these

3. A. Apple B. Carrot C. Mango D. Grapes E. None of these

4. A. Bench B. Student C. Desk D. Table E. None of these

5. A. Land B. Lake C. Sea D. River E. None of these

Questions 6 – 10 : 3 words are given. The first two in each group are related in some way. Choose 4th word which is related to the 3rd word as one and two are related:

6. Ship : Water = train :___

A. Path B. Road C. Passenger D. Track E. None of these

7. Doctor : Patient = teacher :____

A. Class B. Student C. School D. Lesson E. None of these

8. Paper : Pen = blackboard :___

A. Chalk B. Wood C. Class D. Cardboard E. None of these

9. Individual : Family = Family :___

A. State B. House C. Society D. Nation E. None of these

10. HIJ : MNO = RST :___

A.WXY B. UVM C. VWX D. XYZ E. None of these

Question 11 – 12 : Complete the series :

11. 1/5, 3/7, 6/11, 10/19,____

A.15/35 B. 16/35 C. 17/35 D. 20/35 E. None of these

12. F. K. P _____

A. T B. U C. V D.Q E. None of these

13. A husband and wife have five married sons. Each of these had four children. How many members are there in the family?

A. 50 B. 40 C. 32 D. 36 E. None of these

14. In a certain code POLISH is written as MLIFPE. How id DIG written in the same code?

A.GLJ B. CHI C. ECH D. AFD E. None of these

15. Mr. X travels towards 3½Kms. North, then turns towards west and travel 1½Kms. Then he turns towards south and travels 3 ½ Kms. How far is the from his starting point?

A. 7Kms. B. 4½ Kms. C. 2½ Kms. D. 1½ Kms. E. None of these


1. C. Except Moon, all others are planets.

2. C. Except Circle, All others have four sides

3. B. Except Carrot, All others are fruits.

4. B. Except student, all others are furniture

5. A. Except Land, all others have water.

6. D. Train passes through Track

7. B. Teacher : Student

8. A. Blackboard : Chalk

9. Family : Society

10. RST : WXY, There are two letters between J & M in the same way there are two letters between T and W.

11. A. 15 Here the numerator follows the rule +2, +3, +4, +5, and the denominator 35, follows the rule +2, +4, +8, +16,……..

12. B. F >K >P >U

13. C. There are 32 members in the family.

14. D. AFD 15. 1½ Kms.

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