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2009 Savitribai Phule Pune University Politics B.B.A BBA Basic Business Mathematics Previous Year Question Paper University of Pune 2009 Question paper

Course: B.B.A   University/board: Savitribai Phule Pune University

BBA previous year question paper.

Total No. of Questions : 5] [Total No. of Printed Pages : 4
B. B. A. ( Semester - I ) Examination - 2009
(2005 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 80
Instructions :
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(3) Logarithmic tables will be supplied on request.
(4) Use of private simple electronic calculator is allowed.
Q.1) Attempt any four of the following : [16]
(a) Explain the terms :
(i) Continued Proportion
(ii) Inverse Proportion
(b) A sold a car to B at 16% profit. B sold car to C at 6% profit
for Rs. 50,200. Find the price at which A has purchased the
(c) Rates of Electricity Charges increased by 30%. In order to keep
expenses on electricity at the same level, by what percent a family
should reduce its consumption of electricity ?
(d) Incomes of A, B, C are in ratio 4 : 5 : 6 and their expenditures
are in ratio 7 : 9 : 11. If B saves
of his income, find
the ratio of their savings.
(e) 20 men require 30 days to dig a trench 60m long, 30m broad
and 2m deep. How many days will be required for 60 men to
dig a trench 90m long, 60m broad and
m deep ?
[3672]-13 1 P.T.O.
(f) Ashok, Kailas and Parashram formed partnership by investing Rs.
60,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 80,000 respectively in a business.
At the end of the year the net profit was 24,000. If it is to be
divided in the ratio of investments, find the amount of profit each
partner received.
Q.2) Attempt any four of the following : [16]
(a) Define the terms :
(i) Selling Price
(ii) Commission
(b) A man sold two machines at Rs. 990 each. On one, he gained
10% and on the other, he lost 10%. Find percentage profit or
loss in total transaction.
(c) If
th of the cost price is
nd of selling price, 10% of Cost
Price and 5% of Selling Price differ by 12. Find Cost Price and
Selling Price.
(d) The salary of a salesman was reduced from Rs. 3,000 to
Rs. 2,500 but his rate of commission increased from 2 1
% to
3%. Due to this his income increased by Rs. 100 than in previous
month. Find his sales in the month.
(e) A commission agent gets 12% commission upto a sale of
Rs. 30,000 and 15% on the sales exceeding Rs. 30,000. In a
month his sales are Rs. 67,000. Find his commission.
(f) A salesman is paid a monthly salary plus commission on sale
made by him. On the sale of Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 80,000 in
two successive months made by him, he received in all
Rs. 6,000 and 5,400 respectively. Find amount of fixed salary
and rate of commission paid to him.
[3672]-13 2 Contd.
Q.3) Attempt any four of the following : [16]
(a) Explain the terms :
(i) Present Worth
(ii) Sum Due
(b) A sum of Rs. 4,600 amounted to Rs. 5,250 at the rate of
6% p.a. simple interest. Find the period.
(c) A sum of money amounts to Rs. 2,812.16 in 3 years and to
Rs. 3,041.50 in 5 years. Find the sum and rate of interest.
(d) What is the difference between Compound Interest and Simple
Interest on Rs. 700 for 3 years at 12% p.a. compounded yearly.
(e) Find rate of simple interest at which Rs. 6,800 amounts to
Rs. 8,000 in 6 years.
(f) A transistor set worth Rs. 500 is purchased by Ashok by paying
Rs. 300 cashdown and Rs. 208 after 6 months. Find rate of
interest charged.
Q.4) Attempt any four of the following : [16]
(a) The difference between T.D. and B.D. on a bill 6 month hence
is Rs. 172. If the rate of discounting is 14%, find B.D. and T.D.
(b) The true discount on a sum due is
th of the sum. If the
banker’s gain is Rs. 56, find the sum.
(c) Obtain missing expenditure on advertisement of the year 1995
from the following data :
Year 1990 1995 2000 2005
Expenditure on
(Rs.000) 85 * 120 135
[3672]-13 3 P.T.O.
(d) A bill of Rs. 9,000 drawn on January 24, 1995 at 6 months was
discounted for Rs. 8,730 at a bank. If the rate of interest is
15%, find the date of discounting.
(e) Explain Graphical Method for Fitting of Curves.
(f) Define the terms :
(i) Banker’s Gain
(ii) Interpolation
Q.5) Attempt any four of the following : [16]
(a) Explain the term :
(i) Immediate Annuity
(ii) Multiple Regression Plane
(b) Find amount of an immediate annuity of Rs. 2,500 per year
payable for 14 years at 15% per annum.
(c) A man deposits Rs. 1,000 at the end of every year in a bank
and receives Rs. 3,500 at the end of 3 years. Find the rate of
compound interest.
(d) Estimate cash inflow of project in 5th year from the following
table. Use interpolation technique :
Year 1 2 3 4
Cash Flow 6 8 10 11
(e) A sewing machine worth Rs. 5,000 is purchased on installment
basis under five equal annual installments including compound
interest at 10% per annum. Find amount of installment.
(f) Construct difference table for the following data :
Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Sales in
Lakhs Rs. 7 10 12 15 20 28

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