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2010 Maharashtra State Social Science - Gepgraphy Economics - Paper II Question paper

Course: SSLC   University/board: Maharashtra State

Social Science – Geography economics – Paper II
Time: 2hours Max Marks: 40

Note: -
(i) All Questions are compulsory
(ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(iii) Use the supplied graph paper for Q, No 3 (A)
(iv) Use the supplied outline map of India for Q. No 3 (C)
(v) To draw map of India use of Stencil is allowed.

1. A. Complete and write the following statements by choosing appropriate alternative from those given in the brackets. [Marks: 3]

(1) To reduce demand for resources, it is necessary to _____________
(control growth of population, recycle the resources, use science and technology, create social awareness)
(2) In Punjab ___________ buffaloes are famous for milk production.
(Bhadwari, Murha, Niliravi, Jaffrabadi)
(3) About 23% of the total area of India is under_____________
(uncultivated land, fallow land, forests, cultivated land)

(B) Match the items in Group ‘A’ with those in Group ‘B’: [Marks: 3]

Group A Group B
(i) Textile Industry (1) Darjeeling
(2) Electronic Industry (2) Ahmadabad
(3) Tea (3) Bengaluru
(4) Bhopal

2. A. Give reasons for the following statements (any two) [Marks:4]
(1) Monsoon rainfall is the main source of water resources in India
(2) Due to satellites revolution has taken place in communication.
(3) The problem of land degradation is becoming severe.

B. Write notes on (any two) [Marks 4]
(1) Wind energy
(2) Conservation of minerals
(3) Sea ways

3 A. Draw a simple bar graph with the help of the following statistical data. [Marks 2]

Year Wheat Production (in lakh tones)
1999 -2000 76.4
2000- 01 69.7
2001 – 02 72.8
2002 – 03 65.8
2003 -04 72.2

B Read the following diagram and answer the follwing questions (any two)[Marks 2]
(1) What per cent of electricity is used for farming?
(2) For which factor 25% electricity is used?
(3) Which factor uses maximum electricity?
(4) What percent of electricity is used for other purpose?

(C) Show the following in the outline map of India supplied to you and name them. Use proper index (any two) [Marks 2]
(1) State having the lowest rate of literacy.
(2) Northern state having less area under forests.
(3) Chennai.
(4) Mumbai- Delhi Air – route.

4. Answer the following questions in detail (any two) [Marks 8]
(1) Which schemes are launched by the government to increase the fish production?
(2) Write in detail about depletion of plants and animals
(3) In the outline map of India show major wheat producing area. Write in detail about wheat production in India.

5 Complete and write the following statements by choosing appropriate alternative given below:
(1) When goods are sent to foreign nations for trade it is called ________
i. Import
ii. Export
iii. Import substitution

(2) Transformation of public sector into private sector is known as _________
i. Nationalisation
ii. Globalisation
iii. Privatisation

6 Answer the following questions in one or two sentences (any three) Marks[6]
(1) What is meant by economic development?
(2) Why does inflation take place due to increase in the population?
(3) Why do fixed income groups suffer most during inflation?
(4) What is consumer?
(5) What are the objectives of P.D.S?

7. Answer the following questions in five to six sentences (any 1) Marks: 4
(1) Which factors are responsible for decrease in supply of goods and services?
(2) Explain the term Unfair Trade Practice?

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