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2009 8th class mathematics Annual examination 2009-2010 CBSE Question paper

Course:   University/board: CBSE

Choose the correct answer from the brackets:-
Question 1 (1 mark)
Square root of 121 is
Question 2 (1 mark)
2/3 x2 by x is
Question 3 (1 mark)
The number of times a particular observation occurs is called its
[Class interval ,frequency ,Mean]
Question 4 (1 mark)
Volume of a sphere is .......
[4/3^r3 ,2/3^r3,1/3^r2h]
Question 5 (1 mark)
Area of a circle
Question 6 (1 mark)
Value of ^ is
Question 7 (1 mark)
Square root 25/36 is
Question 8 (1 mark)
A parallelogram with a pair of adjacent sides equal is called ........
[Rectangle ,Square ,Rhombus]
Question 9 (1 mark)
Exponential form of root 5
[(5)1/2, 95)1/3 ,(5)1/4]
Question 10 (1 mark)
the length around a circle or the perimeter of a circle is known as its
[Circumference,Area,Surface area]
Fill in the blanks
Question 11 (1 mark)
If n=m3,m=.........
Question 12 (1 mark)
Question 13 (1 mark)
Opposite angels of a cyclic quadrilateral are ..............
Question 14 (1 mark)
Area of a parallelogram ..........
Question 15 (1 mark)
the plane end of a right circular cone is ...........
Question 16 (1 mark)
Lateral surface Area of a hemisphere is ..........
Question 17 (1 mark)
Mean m= .........
Question 18 (1 mark)
Slant height ,l= ..........
Question 19 (1 mark)
Volume of a circle =.......
Match the following (5*2=10 marks)
Question 20
x2+10x+9 - 28d
Question 21
Vertically opposites angles - (x+1) (x+9)
Question 22
Radius, r is - equal
Question 23
The frequency corresponding to
a class interval is - bisect each other
Question 24
In a parallelogram , diagonals are - class frequency
Answer the following
Question 25 (5 marks)
The thickness of a metallic tube is 1cm and its outer radius is 11cm .Find the mass of such a 1m long tube ,if the density of the metal is 7.5g per cm3.
Question 26 (5 marks)
Curved surface are of an ice-cream cone of slant height 12cm is 113.04 cm2.Find the base radius of the cone.
Question 27 (4 marks)
Find the value of (625/81)1/4
Question 28 (4 marks)
List price of a scooter is Rs 35000. It is available at a discount of 8%. Find the selling price of scooter ?
Question 29 (5 marks)
Find the cube root of 9261/42875
Question 30 (4 marks)
Find the difference between the compound interest and simple interest on Rs 32000 at 12% per annum for 3 years ?
Question 31 (4 marks)
One number is 3 times another number if 15 is added to both the number then one of the new number becomes twice that of the other new number .F ind the number .
Question 32 (4 marks)
The ratio of two sides of a parallelogram is 3:5 and its perimeter is 48cm . f ind the sides of the parallelogram.
Question 33 (4 marks)
Construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which Ab=4.5cm,BC=4cm,CD=6.5cm,DA= 3cm and BD=6.5cm.
Question 34 (3 marks)
Factorise m2+4n2+25z2-4mn-20nz+10mz
Question 35 (5 marks)
Two circles having the same centre have radii 350m and 490m . What is the difference in their circumference ?
Question 36 (5 marks )
The radius of a hemispherical balloon increases from 7cm to 14cm as air is being pumped in to it . Find the ratio of surface areas of the balloon in the two cases
Question 37 (7 1/2 marks)
Weekly savings of 30 students of class 8 are 38,42,40,35,72,27,57,62,59,80,84,73,65,40,76,40,38,60,58,38,54,39,50,44,71,83,45,38,80 and 77. Construct a grouped frequency table with class intervals of equal width.
Question 38 (7 1/2 marks)
Construct a histogram the frequency distribution of weights of 40 persons of a locality is given below .
Weights 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 60-65
Frequency 4 12 13 6 5

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