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2009 Tamil Nadu Open University General Diploma Fashion Technology Diploma examination – Fashion Design and Garment Making Embroidery and mirror work january 2009. Question paper

Course: Diploma Fashion Technology   University/board: Tamil Nadu Open University

Fashion Design and Garment Making
Time : 3 hours Maximum marks : 75
Answer for 5 marks question should not
exceed 2 pages.
Answer for 10 marks questions should not
exceed 5 pages.
SECTION A — (20 ´ 1 = 20 marks)
Answer ALL the questions.
Multiple choice questions :
1. ––––––––––––– thread is commonly suitable for
hand embroidery.
(a) Silk (b) Cotton
(c) Nylon (d) Linen.
2. Oval eye of embroidery needle should be
(a) Large (b) Medium
(c) Small (d) All the above.
3. Embroidery thread strand usually contains
––––––––––––– skins of thread.
(a) 5 (b) 6
(c) 7 (d) 8.
4. ––––––––––––– is most commonly used for tracing
embroidery design.
(a) Tailors chalk (b) Tracing wheel
(c) Yellow carbon (d) All the above.
5. White colour thread is used commonly in
––––––––––––– embroidery.
(a) Kantha (b) Phulkari
(c) Chikan kari (d) Kashida.
6. ––––––––––––– is a famous embroidery of Punjab.
(a) Phulkari (b) Kasuti
(c) Kutch (d) Kathiawal
7. Kashida is a famous embroidery of –––––––––––
(a) Karnataka (b) Kerala
(c) Kashmir (d) Tamil Nadu.
8. The embroidery stitch most commonly used for
leaves outlining and branches is –––––––––––––.
(a) Chain (b) Stem
(c) Satin (d) Lazy daizy.
9. ––––––––––––– is a variation of a chain stitch.
(a) Lazy daisy (b) Detached chain
(c) Double chain (d) All the above.
10. Kantha is a ––––––––––––– work.
(a) Mirror (b) Patch
(c) Shadow (d) Bead.
11. ––––––––––––– thread is most commonly used for
Chinese embroidery.
(a) Linen (b) Silk
(c) Wool (d) Nylon.
12. ––––––––––––– is a type of silk fibre.
(a) Muga (b) Eri
(c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of the above.
13. Rumal is a –––––––––––––.
(a) Blouse (b) Hand kerchief
(c) Kameez (d) Saree.
14. Pashmina is a types of ––––––––––––– fibre.
(a) Wool (b) Cotton
(c) Silk (d) Nylon.
15. ––––––––––––– is a cobbler embroidery.
(a) Ahir Bharat (b) Kanbi Bharat
(c) Mochi Bharat (d) Hear Bharat.
16. Moti Bharat is ––––––––––––– work.
(a) Sequins (b) Mirror
(c) Bead (d) Thread.
17. Gavanthi stitch is used in –––––––––––––
(a) Kasuti (b) Kutch
(c) Kashida (d) Phulkari.
18. Macrame is ornamental –––––––––––––.
(a) embroidery (b) knotting
(c) braiding (d) beading.
19. ‘Bagh’ means –––––––––––––.
(a) flower (b) leaf
(c) tree (d) garden.
20. Jaisalmer Applique work is famous in
––––––––––––– state.
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Gujarath
(c) Rajasthan (d) Punjab.
SECTION B — (5 × 5 = 25 marks)
Short answer questions.
Answer any FIVE questions.
21. Write short notes on history of embroidery.
22. Write short notes on embroidery, selection of fabric
for embroidery, needle, thread etc.
23. Write short notes on Kasuti of Karnataka.
24. Write short notes on embroidery of Rajasthan.
25. Write short notes on Laces.
26. Write short notes on cross stitch embroidery.
27. Write short notes on Chinese embroidery.
28. Write short notes on Shadow work.
SECTION C — (3 × 10 = 30 marks)
Long answer questions.
Answer any THREE questions.
29. Write briefly about Kashida of Kashmir.
30. Write briefly about Japanese embroidery.
31. Write briefly about womens role in rural embroidery.
32. Write briefly about Madhubani.
33. Write briefly about care and preservation of


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