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2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech Civil Engineering B.Tech. 1st Semester (Main) Examination Feb.-2010 Question paper

Course: B.Tech Civil Engineering   University/board: Rajasthan Technical University

B.Tech. 1st Semester (Main) Examination Feb.-2010

Computer Programming and IT

Unit - 1
Q1. (a) Define block diagram of computer system. [4]
(b) Explain various types of memory in detail. [4]
(c) Explain low level, assembly and concept of high level programming language briefly. [8]

(a) Explain briefly about compiler, assembler and interpreter. [8]
(b) Make a flowchart to find maximum number among 3 numbers. [8]

Unit - II

Q2. (a) Convert the following : [4x2=8]
(i) (276.65)8 to Decimal
(ii) (1101110.1010)2 to Octal
(iii) (FB9.EC)16 to Octal
(iv) (725.36)8 to Binary

(b) Write short notes on BCD, ASCIT and EBC.DIC codes. [8]

(a) Subtract (259)10 from (798)10 using, (r-1)'s complement method. [4]
(b) Subtract (1110101)2 from (10001010)2. [4]
(c) What is bit in computer technology? How many different patterns of bits are possible with [8]
(i) 6 bits
(ii) 8bits

Unit - III

Q3.(a) Explain structure of program in C language briefly. [8]
(b) Write a program that given (Inputted) number is prime or not. [8]

(a) Write a program to generate the following pattern [8]
(b) Write a program to generate following pattern [8]
2 3 2
3 4 5 4 3
4 5 6 7 6 5 4
5 6 7 8 9 8 7 6 5

Unit - IV

Q4. (a) What is array? What are the advantages of array? Write a program to find maximum value from n values in array. [8]
(b) What is pointer? Discuss advantages of pointer. [8]

(a) Explain call by value and call by address. [8]
(b) Write some records of employee like name, address, age & salary in a file.
Read that records from file again and display. [8]

Unit - V

Q5. (a) Define storage class in user define function. [8]
(b) Write a program of reverse of a number using function. [8]

Write a program that a number (i.e. 153) is Armstrong number of not using user defined function return value. [16]


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