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2008 University of Madras Commerce B.Com Business Communication University Question paper

Course: B.Com   University/board: University of Madras

B.Com Business Communication Question paper - 2008

Subject codes - 21616/AW2A/AF2A/AZ4C
Time :Three Hours
Maximum : 100 marks

Section A- (10x3=30 marks)
Answer any ten questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

1. State the usefulness of business letter
2. What are Circular letters?
3. What do you mean by agency letter?
4. What is agenda?
5. What is internet?
6. What is Salutation?
7. What are the points to be observed while writing a Complaint Letter?
8. What are the precautions the Company secretary should take while writing letter to the company director?
9. What are minutes?
10.List out any three advantages of Video Conferencing.
11.State the contents of a report.
12.What is meant by mechanical barrier in Communications?

Section B- (5x6=30 marks)
Answer any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks.

13.What are the principles of effective Communication.
14.State the essential contents of a sales letter
15.What are would you take as a Company Seretary while writing letters to the share holders?
16. State the contents of a minutes of annual general body meeting.
17.What do you mean by website and state its usefulness in business.
18.Explain the importance of Business Correspondence.
19.Draft a suitable reply to a customer who has complained about the poor quality of the goods sent by you.
20.What are the features of e-mail.

Section C- (2x20= 40 marks)
Answer any two questions
All questions carry equal marks.

21. Explain the different parts of a business letter
22. Write a circular letter to your customer regarding the opening of sale and service centre of two wheelers.
23. Draft a feasibility report on setting up a bank branch in a small town.
24. In view of the ensuring festival season, draft a letter on behalf of modern textiles, Trichy, requesting overdraft facilities from the banker

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