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2010 Anna University Chennai General B.E HS2111 Technical English I Question paper

Course: B.E   University/board: Anna University Chennai

Reg. No.
Question Paper Code: E3112
Regulations 2008

First Semester

Common to all branches
HS2111 Technical English I

Time: Three Hours Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer ALL Questions
Part A - (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

1. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B :
(a) Consumption con¯ned within narrow limits
(b) Extraction a person who moves from one place to another for a limited period
(c) Cramped taking out
(d) Migrant use
2. Change the following into active voice :
(a) The ¯rst prize was won by our team.
(b) The equipment for the practical examinations was being arranged by the technician.
3. Add suitable pre¯xes to the following words to match the meanings given against them :
(a) tension : abnormal blood pressure
(b) privileged : disadvantaged
(c) sensitive : abnormally or extremely sensitive
(d) continent : large land mass, not large enough to be called a continent
4. De¯ne any TWO of the following :
(a) Radar
(b) Screw driver
(c) Microprocessor
5. Correct the spelling and grammatical errors in the following passage and rewrite them.
There is nothing in the experiense of the last twenty-¯ve years to suggest that modern
technology, as we know it, can really help us to readuce world poverty, not to mention
the problem of unemployment which has already reaches levels like thirty percent in many
so-called developing countryies.
6. Expand the following Noun + Noun phrases :
(a) water pipe
(b) cylinder head
(c) boiler design
(d) grease gun
7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of words :
Verb Noun Adjective
(a) generation generative
(b) Move movable
(c) Stabilize stabilization
(d) Occupy occupation
8. Punctuate the following passage:
how does one describe mother teresa she i s of small stature almost frail in build softspoken
yet clearly a very determined woman of great courage
9. Complete the following :
(a) If drivers do not obey tra±c regulations, .
(b) , the temperature at the turbine will be too high.
10. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs given in brackets :
Language (interact) with every aspect of human life. It (perform) vari-
ous functions and (serve) various purposes. A normal person (acquire) in
childhood the ability to use language.

Part B - (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

11. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end of it:
Humans have struggled against weeds since the beginnings of agriculture. Marring our
gardens is one of the milder ects of weeds - any plants that thrive where they are
unwanted. They clog waterways, destroy wildlife habitats, and impede farming. Their
spread eliminates grazing areas and accounts for one third of crop loss; they compete for
sunlight, nutrients, and water with useful plants.
The global need for weed control has been answered mainly by the chemical industry. Its
herbicides are elective and sometimes necessary, but some pose serious problems, particu-
lardy, if misused. Toxic compounds threaten animal and public health when they accumulate
in food plants, ground water and drinking water. They also harm workers who apply them.
In recent years, the chemical industry has introduced several herbicides that are more
ecologically sound. Yet new chemicals alone cannot solve the world's weed problems. Hence
scientists are exploring the innate weed killing powers of organisms, primarily insects and
The biological agents now in use are environmentally benign and are harmless to humans.
They can be chosen for their ability to attack selected targets and leave crops and other
plants untouched. In contrast, some of the most effective chemicals kill virtually all the
plants they come in contact with, sparing only those that are naturally resistant or have
been genetically midi-ed for resistance. Furthermore, a number of biological agents can be
administered only once, after which no added applications are needed. Chemicals typically
must be used several times per growing season.
(a) Complete the following statements : (Marks 4 * 1 = 4)
(i) The topic dealt with in the passage is .
(1) The importance of chemical industry
(2) The dangers of toxic chemicals
(3) Advantages of biological agents over chemicals
(4) A proposal to ban the use of all herbicides
(ii) The term the author de¯nes in the ¯rst paragraph i s .
(1) Grazing areas
(2) Weeds
(3) Wildlife habitats
(4) Nutrients
(iii) According to the passage, biological agents consist of |||-.
(1) Insects and microorganisms
(2) Useful plants
(3) Weed
(4) Herbicides
(iv) A simple damaging e®ect of weeds i s seen in
(1) farms
(2) gardens
(3) environment
(4) chemical factories
(b) Mention whether the following statements are True or False :
(Marks 6 * 1 = 6)
(i) Chemical agents are occasionally required.
(ii) Farmers have been ghting with undesirable plants.
(iii) Weeds alone cause crop loss.
(iv) The chemical industry should not produce herbicides.
(v) Biological agents are more advantageous than chemicals.
(vi) Ground water has been badly a®ected by chemicals.
(c) Choose the appropriate defnition for the given words or phrases as they are used in
the text : (Marks 6 * 1 = 6)
(i) marring
(1) spoiling
(2) dividing
(3) replacing
(4) planting
(ii) clog
(1) drain
(2) °oat on
(3) obstruct
(4) grow along
(iii) innate
(1) natural
(2) organic
(3) new
(4) active
(iv) benign
(1) unfavorable
(2) kind
(3) critical
(4) lose
(v) virtually
(1) realistically
(2) quickly
(3) nearly half
(4) almost all
(vi) accounts for
(1) encounters
(2) endangers
(3) expresses
(4) explains

12. (a) Write a set of eight instructions that need to be implemented in marriage halls/auditoriums.
(Marks 16)
12. (b) Write a set of eight instructions that could be followed to reduce pollution. (Marks 16)

13. (a) Write a technical description of a gas stove, its working principle and its uses in two
paragraphs, each in about 100 words. (Marks 16)
13. (b) Write two paragraphs of 100 words each comparing village life with city life. (Marks 16)

14. (a) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the economic recession in the IT industry.
(Marks 16)


14. (b) Write a letter inviting the Managing Director of a leading computer company to deliver
the key - note address and inaugurate the seminar on e-governance organized by your
institution. (Marks 16)

15. (a) Arrange the following sentences into a coherent paragraph : (16)
(i) But the answers are very hard to ¯nd, since several words appear equally appropriate.
(ii) The third type of cross word puzzle i s a straightforward exercise in which words
matching the de¯nitions given in the clues have to be found.
(iii) There are several types of cross word puzzles.
(iv) There are no catches or tricks.
(v) The ¯rst is the prize competition in which the person who ¯nds the correct answers
gets a big prize.
(vi) The clue gives only hints about the word and it tests your comprehension and general
(vii) This type is useful in the study of vocabulary.
(viii) The second type of crossword puzzle is one in which there is only one possible answer
to every clue.


15. (b) Rearrange the following sentences into a coherent paragraph : (16)
(i) Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures by
recording radiation on a sensitive medium, such as a photographic ¯lm or an electronic
(ii) The birth of commercial digital photography came as a real blessing to combat such
odds and it has made picture editing relatively simple for even the notice photogra-
(iii) Though digital photography has a wide market impact, digital imaging has raised
many ethical concerns because of the ease of manipulating digital photographs in
post processing.
(iv) Colour photography was explored in the start of mid 1800's and advancements in
technology made possible combining several technical features.
(v) The word \photography" comes from the Greek (phos) \light" + \graphics".
(vi) Traditional photography burdened photographers working at remote locations without
easy access to processing facilities and competition from television pressured photog-
raphers to deliver images to newspapers with greater speed.
(vii) All photography was originally monochrome and most of the photographs were black
and white.
(viii) However, recent changes of in-camera processing allow digital ¯ngerprinting of RAW
photos to verify against tampering of digital photos for forensic use.

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