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2009 Kerala University Pharmacy B.Pharm Third Year. Paper 1, Pharmacology Question paper

Course: B.Pharm   University/board: Kerala University

1. Give the pharmacological basis for the following : (21/2×4=10 Marks)
a) Adrenaline with local anesthetics.
b) Probenecid with Penicillin.
c) Isoxsuprine in threatened abortion.
d) Neostigmine to d-tubocurarine blockade.
2. Define the following with examples : (2×5=10 Marks)
a) Radio-immuno assay.
b) Pharmacodynamics.
c ) ED50.
d) Receptor.
e) Habituation.

3. Give the mechanism of action and clinical uses of : (21/2×4=10 Marks)
a) Atropine.
b) Sulfonylurea.
c) Iodides.
d) BAL.
4. Write briefly on : (2×5=10 Marks)
a) Bioassay of insulin.
b) 5-hydroxy tryptamine.
5. a) Define 'biotransformation'.
b) Classify the biotransformation reactions and explain with examples. (3+7=10)

6. Mention the therapeutic uses and adverse effects of : (21/2×4=10 Marks)
a) Salbutamol.
b) Alpha adrenergic blockers.
c) Ondansetron.
d) d-Penicillamine.
7. Compare and contrast : (21/2×4=10 Marks)
a) Acarbose and Metformin.
b) Physostigmine and Edrophonium.
c) Glucagen and Insulin.
d) Tacrolimus and Levamisole.8. Write notes on : (5×2=10 Marks)
a) Bioassay of digitalis.
b) Parenteral routes of drug administration.
9. Give a brief account of : (5×2=10 Marks)
a) Toxicity studies in animals.
b) G-protein coupled receptors.
10. a) Classify adrenergic drugs.
b) Explain the mechanism of action and pharmacological actions of adrenaline.

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