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2010 Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech Information Technology Web technology Question paper

Course: B.Tech Information Technology   University/board: Rajasthan Technical University

B-tech. - VI sem. (main/back) Examination, June-2010
Information Technology
6IT4 Web Technology
Instruction to candidates:
Attempt overall five questions. Internal choice is indicated. All questions carry equal marks. (Schematic diagrams must be shown wherever necessary. Any data you feel missing May suitably be assumed and stated clearly. Units of quantities used/calculated must be stated clearly.)
Q.1. (a) Describe web development strategies, planning and process development and protocols for web development. (16)
Describe the following:
1. Cyber laws and applications.
2. Identification of Web Objects.
3. Web form and target user module.
4. Planning and process development. (16)
Q.2. (a) Describe the DOM and objects in java scripts? (16)
Differentiate following pairs with suitable examples:
1. HTML v/s DHTML.
2. Table v/s Frame.
3. XML v/s CSS.
4. Control structure in java script v/s Decision structure in java scripts. (16)
Q.3. (a) What is java beans and advantage of java beans? (8)
(b) Describe java beans API. (8)
What is servelets and describe servelets packages, security issues? (16)
Q.4. (a) Describe the following:
1. JSP processing.
2. Tom cat Server configuration.
3. Implicit JSP objects.
4. Error handling and debugging in JSP. (16)
Explain the following with examples:
1. Detaring variables and methods in JSP.
2. Data sharing between JSP pages. (16)
Q.5. (a) What do you mean by database connectivity and describe JDBC with suitable example? (10)
(b) Example methods for accessing database from JSP pages. (6)
Write a short note on :
1. Java x.sql package
2. Struts Frame work. (16)

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