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2008 The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University General Bachelor of B.L The Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, B.L Degree Examination, JURISPRUDENCE November 2008 Question paper

Course: Bachelor of B.L   University/board: The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University


(Common for Semester and Non-Semester Candidates)


(Five Year Regular Course)

Third Semester/Second Year

Time: Three hours Maximum : 100 Marks

PART A --- (4×16=64 marks)

Answer FOUR of the following.

1. What is analytical jurisprudence? Write about the sub schools of analytical positivism.

2. "Law is the union of primary and secondary rules" Explain.

3. "Immemorial custom can override the written text of law"--- Explain the statement with a comparative analysis of custom and legislation as source of law.

4. Define "Person" and explain the different theories of corporate personality.

5. Write an essay on the concept of "Library". What are the different kinds of liability?

6. Write about "Administration of justice". What are the bases of punishing the offender under the principle of justice?

PART B --- (6×6=36 marks)

7. Write short notes on SIX of the following:

(a) Real Property.

(b) Rules of obligation.

(c) Direct Legislation.

(d) Vested and Contingent Rights.

(e) Ratio Decidendi.

(f) Divestitive facts.

(g) Sovereign

(h) Animus possidendi.


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