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2009 University of Kalyani M.A Education M.A in Education Paper-I, Educational Philosophy University Question paper

Course: M.A Education   University/board: University of Kalyani

MA Part-I/DODL/University of Kalyani
Paper: I(Educational Philosophy)
Full Marks- 90
Time – 4 Hours

Answer any six questions.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

1. Discuss the nature of Indian philosophy and explain how philosophy and education are interrelated. [10 + 5=15]

2. Discuss Vaiseshika school of Philosophy with its educational implications. [10+5=15]

3. What are the characteristics of Jaina philosophy? Discuss the impact of Jaina ethics on education. [8+7=15]

4. State the main propositions of Idealism. Consider the influences of Idealism on the aims of education. [10 +5=15]

5. "John Dewey was the greatest exponent of Pragmatic philosophy of education." Explain this statement and bring out clearly his contributions to educational thoughts and practices. [5+10=15]

6. Critically analyses the growth of Humanism as a philosophical thought and state its influence upon education. [10+5=15]

7. What is meant by epistemology? Discuss briefly epistemology of Nyaya School of philosophy with special reference to its educational implications. [5+5+5=15]

8. Liberty and equality are two great principle of Democracy. – How can we promote them through education? [15]

9. Discuss the educational philosophy of M.K. Gandhi. Comment on its impact on contemporary education. [5+10=15]

10. Analyses 'Logical Analysis' as a new movement in philosophy and state its impact on education.

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