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2010 Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural Uiversity Jewelry Certificate Course in Jewellery Merchandising Question Paper for Competitive Exam : Agri Meterology University Question paper

Course: Certificate Course in Jewellery Merchandising   University/board: Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural Uiversity

B.Sc Agriculture (Agri. Meterology)
(For Competitive Examination)

In which part of atmosphere rainy clouds are formed
a. Troposphere
b. Mesosphere
c. Thermosphere
d. Stratosphere

The process in which the water vapour is converted into its liquid termed as
a. Condensation
b. Concentration
c. Compression
d. Reduction

Name of science's branch in which, the collection and interpretation of information about a target without being in physical contact with it?
a. Remote Sensing
b. Quantum Mechanics
c. Astrophysics
d. Nuclear Physics

Satellite which move around to North Pole to South Pole known as?
a. Polar Satellite
b. Navigator Satellite
c. Scientific Satellite
d. Weather Satellite

What is the name of world first artificial satellite?
a. Sputnik 1 (Oct 4, 1957)

The 100 meter length of represent by 10 centimeter on the map called as?
a. Trim
b. Scaling down
c. Dapper
d. Magnitude

At which height the satellites move in space?
a. 36000 km
b. 50000 km
c. 45000 km
d. 60000 km

Solar radiation produces by which process?
a. Adiabatic process
b. Nuclear Fusion
c. Photoelectric effect
d. Chaos process

Solar energy travels to space in discrete packets of energy known as?
a. Photon (Electromagnetic wave)
b. Boson
c. Fermion
d. Meson

Which green house gas linked with rice crop?
a. Neon
b. Xenon
c. Argon
d. Methane

The latent heat of condensation is released in air under the atmospheric condition of _____.
(a) Dry adiabatic lapse rate
(b) Wet adiabatic lapse rate
(c) Inversion
(d) Isothermal lapse rate
In stratosphere temperature increases due to absorption of _____.
(a)Ultraviolet radiation (b)V visible radiation (c) Infrared radiation
(d) Microwave radiation

Surface has the lowest albedo in visible radiation ________.
(a) Soil (b) Vegetation (c) water (d) Ice

Secondary circulation of atmosphere over earth's surface is called _____.
(a)Esterlies (b) Westerlies (c)Cyclones & anticyclones (d) Land & sea Breezes.

Line joining the places having equal atmosperic pressure is kmown as _____
(a) Isotherm (b)Isobars (c) Isohytes (d) Isonymph

Instantaneous physical state of atmosphere is called______.
(a) climate (b) microclimate (c) ecoclimate (d) weather

Albedo values of agricultural field ranges between _________.
(a) 0.18- 0.27 (b) 0.29- 0.35 (c) 0.40- 0.50 (d) 0.51 – 0.65

Clouds types which gives the heavy and continuous precipitation ____
(a) Cumulus (b) Nimbus (c) Cumulonimbus (d) Stratocumulus

Summation of mean temperature above threshold temperature is called
(a) GDD (b) AET (c) PET (d) TUE

Optimum temperature for wheat crop is between ____.
(a) 10- 150oC (b) 15- 20 oC (c) 21-26 oC (d) 26- 30 oC.

Distribution of radiation within plant canopy is estimated with the help of .
(a) Beer's law (b) Kirchoff's law (c) Stefan boltzman law (d)Plank's law.

Change of phase from solid to vapour or vice versa is known as ____.
(a) Evaporation (b) Condensation (c) Precipitation (d) Sublimation

The average sea level pressure is equal to ______.
(a) 1103 mb (b) 1013 mb (c) 1030 mb (d) 1003 mb

Heat transfer in soil takes place mainly through the process of ____.
(a) Convection (b) advection (c) radiation (d) conduction

Heat flux which remains dominant over a dry barren field is _____.
(a) Sensible (b) latent (c) ground (d) photosynthetic


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