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2007 9th standard,Science Question paper

Course:   University/board:

Sample Paper – 2007
Class – IX

Time: 1½ hrs. M.M. 20

General Instructions:
1. Attempt all the questions.
2. The question paper consists of two parts. Part A & Part B. Each of 20 questions in Part A carries ½ marks. And each of 10 questions in Part B carries 1 mark.

Section A

1. When dilute Sulphuric acid is added to Zinc, you will observe that:
a) a ppt. is formed b) reaction mixture turns yellow
c) container becomes hot d) bubbles start coming out of surface of Zinc.
2. The correct observation when you mix barium chloride with sodium sulphate solution is:
a) a white ppt. after some time b) a yellow ppt. is formed after sometime
c) a white ppt. is formed instantaneously
d) a yellow ppt. is formed instantaneously
3. Following substances are added to water in a beaker. A true solution is found when:
a) kerosene mixed with water b) sugar mixed with water
c) soap mixed with water d) milk mixed with water.
4. Solution of egg albumin in water:
a) a true solution b) a colloidal solution c) a suspension d) none of these.
5. The density of ice is:
a) greater than water b) less than water c) equal to water d) none of these
6. The density of glass stopper in water:
a) decreases b) increases c) remains same d) none of these
7. The formula of frequency of simple pendulum:
a) 2?? l /g b) 2??g/ l c) ½?? l /g d) ½??g/l
8. The normal temperature of human body is:
a) 37°C b) 98.4ºC c) 37ºF d)102°F
9. The “Power House” of the cell is:
a) chloroplast b) nucleolus c) mitochondria d) Golgi apparatus
10. The largest cell in human body is:
a) Nerve cell b) Muscle cell c) Liver cell d) Kidney cell
11. The fibrous tissue connecting two bones is:
a) connective tissue b) tendon c) ligament d) adipose tissue
12. Which of the following carries water in plants:
a) Xylem b) Phloem c) Sieve tubes d) Companion cell
13. Methane is prepared by heating:
a) Sodium Methanoate & Sodalime b) Sodium Ethanoate & Sodalime
c) Sodium Ethanoate & Washing Soda d) Sodium Methanoate & Slaked lime
14. Methane has:
a) No colour, no odour and no taste
b) yellow colour, faint odour & oily taste
c) No colour, faint odour and no taste
d) reddish colour, no odour and no taste
15. The component of food which is a major energy supplier is:
a) cellulose b) protein c) carbohydrates d) amino acids
16. Stomata are absent in:
a) Hydrophytes b) Xerophytes c) Mesophytes
d) None of these
17. Abdomen of cockroach contains:
a) 10 segments b) 8 segments c) 20 segments d) 5 segments
18. Body of fish is divided into:
a) head & cephalothorax b) head & trunk c) head,neck,trunk & tail
d) head, thorax & abdomen
19. The device used to check the purity of milk is:
a) Lactometer b) Hydrometer c) Speedometer d) Barometer
20. Sugar can be separated from sugar solution by:
a) Distillation b) Sublimation c) Filtration d) Burning
Section B
21. Which of the following examples is a chemical change:
a) Melting of ice b) freezing of water c) condensation of steam
d) Burning of LPG
22. Which one among the following is a mixture:
a) Sodium chloride b) Copper sulphate c) Salt & sand
d) Zinc sulphate
23. Addition of oxygen & removal of hydrogen is known as:
a) Oxidation b) reduction c) decompostion d) displacement
24. The ship can sail easily on sea water because:
a) Salty water is denser b) it is less dense c) it is salty d) it is still water
25. One atmosphere is the unit of:
a) Density b) specific gravity c) energy d) Pressure
26. A fireman weighing 80kg. Slides down a pole. If the resisting force is 720N, his acceleration would be:
a) 1m/sec² b) 0.1 m/sec² c) zero d) 0.9 m/sec²
27. Chloroplast plays a significant role is:
a) Photosynthesis b) lipid synthesis c) Protein synthesis d) secretion
28. The barrier between protoplasm and outer environment in an animal cell is:
a) cell wall b) plasma membrane c) tonoplast d) nuclear membrane
29. When we add drops of iodine solution in a test tube containing food sample of starch, the colour appears is:
a) Pink b) yellow c) blue black d) red
30. Biting and chewing mouth parts are found in:
a) Cockroach b) earthworm c) pigeon d) fish.

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