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Bcom degree examB.Com Computer Applications2012Bharathidasan University
Managerial EconomicsM.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
Global Investment Strategies of ManagementM.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
MBA Statistical AnalysisM.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
MCA - RQG316- PROGRAMMING IN JAVA - Nov 2008-Bharathidasan Univ Dist EdnM.C.A2008Bharathidasan University
Object oriented programmingM.C.A2007Bharathidasan University
Object oriented programmingM.C.A2008Bharathidasan University
Mba syllabus of bharathidasan university-organisational behaviourM.B.A2010Bharathidasan University
Management concepts- mba degree examination,april 2010-M.B.A2010Bharathidasan University
BakeryDiploma Hotel management & Catering Technology2008Bharathidasan University
Bharathidasan University MBA Global Investment Strategies of Management June 2009M.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
Bharathidasan University MBA Statistical Analysis June 2009M.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
Barathidasan University MBA- Managerial EconomicsM.B.A2009Bharathidasan University
Computer Applications - CYBER SECURITY M.C.A2007Bharathidasan University
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING B.B.A2007Bharathidasan University
Object oriented programming:JAVAB.C.A Computer Application2008Bharathidasan University
B.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, DECEMBER 2007.B.B.A2007Bharathidasan University
PRACTICE AND LAW OF BANKINGB.B.A2007Bharathidasan University
Business StatisticsB.B.A2005Bharathidasan University
B.B.A Business (Commercial) LawB.B.A2005Bharathidasan University
AccountancyB.Sc Economics2006Bharathidasan University
Economic theoryB.Sc Economics2006Bharathidasan University
Financial AccountingB.B.A2007Bharathidasan University
COMPLIER DESIGNM.C.A2008Bharathidasan University

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