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2010 Panjab University General Question Paper English Elective - Paper : B,Course:-B.A. IInd Year ,Punjab University Question paper

Course: B.A   University/board: Panjab University

B.A.2nd year

ENGLISH (Elective) - Paper:B

Time Allowed:Three Hours] [Maximum Marks:90

Note:- (i) All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Parts of a question should be attempted one after another.

1. Write an essay of about 250-300 words on any one of the following topics:

(a) The menace of dowry in modern India.

(b) The impact of movies on the fashion-conscious youth.

(c) An exciting cricket match.

(d) India's stand on nuclear deal.

(e) If I were the Prime Minister of India.[Marks 15]

2. Write a letter to the Superintendent of police complaining against the

misconduct of a police constable.


Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper against eve-teasing in local buses.[Marks 15]

3. Make a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title :

Tourism has been and is influenced by economic considerations, such

as holidays with pay and increase in real incomes. Income is therefore the

second important factor in the evolution of demand after leisure. Level of

income forms an important factor in influencing tourism as well as participation

in recreational pursuits. The more affluent members of the society are the ones

who travel most. Mobility is an important factor in the evolution of demand.

With the advancement of modes of transport, the mobility has increased very

much. There is also the actual mobility, such as the motor car has provided.

The communication systems not developed prior to industrial revolution have

now advanced tremendously. With the building of the new and fast roadway

networks, the mobility has certainly increased manifold. There are also great

advances made in air travel, more particularly, for over-seas holiday-making.

Tourists now can reach far off holiday areas in a matter of hours.Age and sex

also affect demand. More and More younger people are taking holidays now.

Education is yet another important socio-economic factor which influences

the demand for travel. Broadly speaking, the better educated members of the

population have higher propensity to travel. Besides, those with better education

travel more often. Cost is another crucial factor which influences the demand

for travel. Cost factor can generate or hinder tourist flow to a particular country.

Holidaying abroad is particularly influenced by it. The price levels for various

tourist services are specially significant.[Marks 15]

4. Translate the following passage into Hindi or Punjabi:

The place of mother tongue in the matter of education cannot be denied. It

has to be encouraged and developed so that it can become the effective medium

of teaching and intercourse within the State. All regional languages must in

due course become the languages of the courts and legislatures.English is a

well-developed international language and it has been the official language of

the Centre and the States for over a century. It has been, and continues to be,

the binding force of the intelligentsia of the country. It is also the language of

science and technology and we cannot discard it. In a vast multi-lingual country

like ours every common language, culture and interests should be encouraged

for developing a sense of national unity. It is necessary that regional languages,

Hindi and English are vigorously cultivated. Language and culture are the

most powerful integrating factors in the life of the people.


(Alternative question only for foreign students)

Write a paragraph on any one of the following :

(a) The Pleasure of Reading

(b) Life in a big city.[Marks 15]

5. (a) Correct any five of the following :

(i) Everybody blamed themselves for the failure.

(ii) We knew that he will come.

(iii) He was keen to know the fresh news.

(iv) Accompanied with my friend I went to the garden..

(v) I regard him a great Saint.

(vi) Walking on the road, a snake bit him.

(vii) If I would be rich, I should have many friends.

(viii) Ravi absented from the class.[Marks 5]

(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions/conjuctions in any five of

the following:

(i) You cannot rely.................him so blindly.

(ii) The scheme fell ................want of funds.

(iii) Her parents are anxious.........her safety.

(iv) I will not help you, promise to work hard.

(v) ..........does he arrive, ......he begins to offer excuses.

(vi) I have no access........the higher authorities.

(vii) He has been convinced..........your involvement........this case.[Marks 5]

(c) Complete any five of the following sentences:

(i) Slow and steady............

(ii) .....,silence is gold.

(iii) He is so weak in studies that.........

(iv) .........but also foolish.

(v) He gathered from by mysterious manner that.........

(vi) Which is the road that..............?

(vii) However hard you may try...............[Marks 5]

(d) Use any three of the following as directed:

(i) delight (as Verb and noun)

(ii) record (as verb and noun)

(iii) empty ( as verb and adjective)

(iv) firm (as adjective and noun)

(v) harbour (as noun and verb).[Marks 6]

(e) Give clause analysis of any four of the following sentences:

(i) Though the Earth moves round the Sun, the Sun seems to move from

one place to another.

(ii) I do not know weather he is right or wrong.

(iii) This is almost certain that she is going to fail.

(iv) The conscience of a man who is guilty easily betrays him.

(v) If you send this document to me, I will certainly sign it.

(vi) He married her as he wanted to take revenge.[Marks 4]

(f) Transform any five of the following sentences as directed:

(i) The teacher said to the father,"Your son does not attend the class

regularly."(Change into indirected narration)

(ii) The child was lost in the crowd.(Change voice)

(iii) This scheme cannot be put into practice.(Use adjective of 'practice')

(iv) Very few boys in the class are good as Sunil.(Change the degree of comparison)

(v) God helps those who help themselves.(Change into interrogative sentence)

(vi) If you had not advised me, I would have been ruined.(Changed into affirmative)

(vii) This fact is too evident for anyone to require proof.(Remove adverb 'too')[Marks 5]

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