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2010 Panjab University General ENGLISH(Compulsory),Course:-B.A 2nd Year,Punjab University Question paper

Course: B.A   University/board: Panjab University

B.A.2nd year


Time Allowed:Three Hours] [Maximum Marks:90

Note:- All questions are compulsory.Parts of a question should be attempted

together.Write legibly and neatly.


I. Answer any three of the following questions in not more than

50 words each :

(a) How does William Shakespeare immortalize the beauty of his friend and

patron, the Earl of Southampton in his sonnet "Shall I Compare Thee to A

Summer's Day" ?

(b) What message does the poet Robert Herrick convey in his poem "To

Daffodils" ?

(c) Why does P.B.Shalley feel sad in his poem "Summer and Winter" ?

(d) In the poem "The Listeners" written by Walter De La Mare what did the

traveller do on reaching the lonely house in the forest ?

(e) Give the central idea of the poem "No Men Are Foreign" written by

James Kirkup.[Marks 3x5=15]

II. Trace the development of thought in the poem "Fear No More" written

by William Shakespeare.


Give a summary of the poem "The Children's Song" written by Rudyard

Kipling.[Marks 18]

III. Explain with reference to the context:-

And what is friendship but a name,

A charm that lulls to sleep;

A shade that follows wealth or fame,

But leaves the wretch to weep ?


Ring in the valiant man and free

The larger heart, the kindlier hand;

Ring out the darkness of the land,

Ring in the Christ that is to be.

IV. What led to Raju's martyrdom for the sake of the people ? Base your

answer on the reading of R.K. Narayan's novel "The Guide."


Draw a character sketch of Rosie on the basis of your reading of the novel

"The Guide" written by R.K.Narayan.[Marks 15]


v. Use any five of the following words in sentences of your own after

changing their forms as indicated in brackets:

Dead (Noun), Thought (Verb), Strange (Adverb), Responsibilty (Adjective),

Speak (Noun), Gift (Verb), Happy (Adverb), Poet (Adjective).[Marks 10]

VI. Use any five of the following idioms in your own sentences:

Beside the mark, Ups and downs, A bird of passage, A cock and bull story,

White elephant, A red letter day, A man of parts, By fits and starts.[Marks 5]

VII. Translate the following passage into Hindi/Punjabi or any other

Modern Indian Language :-

The greatest need of the whole world is that of peace. Developing countries

need it more strongly than the developed ones. They are backward in many

fields. They are commonly poor. Their production of the necessities of life is

low. Literacy in such countries is also limited. War means destruction in a short

time of the things produced and created during so many years. Developing

countries stand to lose the most in case of war. That is why they endeavour for

peace. And people too feel happy in times of peace.


(Only for those students whose mother tongue in not any Modern

Indian Language) Paraphrase the following in simple English :

In the journey of life

There are events and episodes

Over which we are hurt.....

Then urge to live instantly vanishes

Life comes to a dead halt.....

Then mysteriously some unseen power

Lifts us from the psychic abyss

And the candle of life is re-enlivened.[Marks 10]

VIII. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police complaining against the

increasing number of theft cases in your locality.


Write an application to the Director, Public Instruction, Punjab, Chandigarh,

for the post of a trained teacher.[Marks 10]

IX. Do as directed :-

(i) She said to her friend,"You must admit your mistake."(change the narration)

(ii) They threw away the old newspapers.(Change the voice)

(iii) The apples are too ripe to eat.(Remove "too")

(iV) What a lovely scene !(Change into assertive)

(v) The Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.(Change the degree of comparison)

(Vi) I can buy a scooter only if I get a job.(Change into negative)

(vii) Nobody likes to be poor.(Change into interrogative)

(Viii) It was done in my absence.(Change into complex)

(iX) As soon as the peon rang the bell, the students came out of their

classes.(Use "no sooner did")

(x) It is a glorious view.(Change into exclamatory)[Marks 10]

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