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2010 Punjab Technical University Politics B.B.A Introduction to modern business [b0101] Question paper

Course: B.B.A   University/board: Punjab Technical University

Roll No...........................
Total No. of Questions : 13] [Total No. of Pages : 02
Paper ID [B0101]
(Please fill this Paper ID in OMR Sheet)
BBA (BB-101) (S05) (O) (Sem. - 1st)


Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75
Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B

Section - A
Q1) (15 × 2 = 30)
a) What is sole proprietorship?
b) Differentiate between a company and partnership?
c) Differentiate between a private company and a public company?
d) What are the advantages of a company?
e) Differentiate between a formal and informal organisation?
f) What is specialised staff?
g) What is span of control?
h) What is matrix organisation?
i) What is the line and staff organisation?
j) Differentiate between centralisation and decentralisation?
k) What is job specification?
l) What is job enrichment?
m) What is situational approach of leadership?
n) Give communication process?
o) What are communication gaps?

Section - B
(9 × 5 = 45)
Q2) What is a partnership? How is it better than sole proprietorship?
Q3) What is management by objectives? Give steps in MBO?
Q4) What is planning? Give its process?
Q5) What is meant by decision making? Give the process of decision making?
Q6) Define organisation? Give its principles?
Q7) What is departmentation? How the co-ordination can be established among
various departments?
Q8) What is delegation of authority? What are the barriers in the way of delegation?
Q9) What is performance appraisal? Give the methods of performance appraisal?
Q10) What is leadership? Give the theories of leadership?
Q11) What is communication? How the communication can be made effective?
Q12) What is controlling? Give its process?
Q13) What is meant by business ethics? Discuss some of the key ethical issues

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