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2006 Savitribai Phule Pune University B.Tech Information Technology University Of Pune Exam,Sub-Multimedia Systems,Year-May 2006 Question paper

Course: B.Tech Information Technology   University/board: Savitribai Phule Pune University


Q1 a)What is the need of multimedia system? [Marks 4]

b)What is multimedia authoring? [Marks 2]

c)Explain any one of the authoring tools in detail. [Marks 6]

d)Explain any one optical storage device in detailed. [Marks 6]


Q2 a)What is a magnetic storage device?Explain its usage. [Marks 4]

b)Explain the table top scanner. [Marks 6]

c)Explain the need of display buffer. [Marks 8]

Q3 a)Starting from the first principles derive the expression for the decision
parameter in Bresenham’s circle drawing algorithm.Assume the center
at origin and radius as ‘r’. [Marks 8]

b)Consider a square with vertices as A(1,0), B(0,0), C(0,1), D(1,1,).
Perform the following 2 D transformations.
i)Rotate by 30 degrees about point D.
ii)Scale in y direction by factor 2. [Marks 8]


Q4 a)Explain the steps of performing 3D rotation on a point P(x,y,z) about
any axis parallel to x axis. [Marks 8]

b)Explain the algorithm of scan line seed fill algorithm. [Marks 8]

Q5 a)What is aliasing in Graphics? Explain pixel phasing in details. [Marks 8]

b)Exlain Phong Shading in detail. [Marks 8]


Q6 a)Explain Gaurad Shading in detail. [Marks 8]

b)Explain the aspects of illumination model in detail. [Marks 8]


Q7 a) What is audio compression?Explain PCM in detail. [Marks 8]

b)Explain the WAV file format used for audio. [marks 8]


Q 8a) Explain block wise the MP3 encoder in detail. [Marks 8]

b)Explain certain commands of the MIDI file for describing an audio music. [Marks 8]

Q9 a) What is an animation? What are the principles of animation? [Marks 8]

b)Explain the color model used for CRT display. [Marks 8]


Q10 a)What are the types of animation?Illustrate with suitable example. [Marks 8]

b)Explain SECAM with respect to all its features. [Marks 8]

Q11 a)Explain the different types of loss less compression techniques in brief. [Marks 10]

b)Explain the BMP file format in detail. [Marks 8]


Q12 a)What is MPEG compression?Explain in brief. [Marks 12]

b)Explain the lossy part in JPEG compression. [Marks 6]

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