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Course: Plus II   University/board: CBSE

Class XII
(Code No. 101)
20 marks
A.I. Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions given below: 12 marks
1. In the hospital, I was thinking about the most exceptional people I’ve known.
They were the ones who kept going when others quit; the ones who found
ways to do what everyone else thought couldn’t be done. They didn’t just hold
down a job or work hard. They were reaching deeper inside and finding
something more. They made a greater difference. I don’t believe they would
have understood these words - “he held the frame so we both could see the
inscription” - “the way I did.”
2. “I remember my parents and other adults in my hometown saying, “Study
hard and work hard but don’t let your dreams get too big. If you do that, you’ll
only be disappointed.’
3. “Learn to fit in and go along,’ they said, ‘that’s what successful people do.’
I got very good at fitting in and going along.” His voice trailed off.
4. “Robert, you’re going to hear the same kinds of things from people around
you. They’re well-intentioned but they’re wrong. What if I hadn’t accepted it?
What if everyday I had questioned yesterday’s definition of my best? What if
I’d listened to my own heart instead of their words? Then I might have kept
looking deeper and giving the world more of the best that was hidden inside
5. “And if I’d done that,” he said, “more of the best would have come back to
me, and to this family, and to you, Robert. But it won’t,” he said, “because
I didn’t do it.”
6. “So this is my challenge to you-to live these words.” He handed me the frame.
There was no glass in it; I ran my fingertips over the words and felt the brittle
paper. “But grandfather,” I said, not wanting to disappoint him but unsure of
how to accomplish what he was asking me, “maybe when I’m older...”
7. “Age has nothing to do with it. Every day you can learn something more
about who you are and all the potential that’s hidden inside you. Every day
you can choose to become more than you have been. I’m asking you straight
right now.”
8. “But how?”
9. “By looking inside yourself. By testing new possibilities. By searching for
what matters most to you, Robert. Few of us ever do that for ourselves.
Instead, we hold our breath. We look away. We get by or go along. We defend
what we have been. We say, “It’s good enough.” I pray you don’t wake up one
day and say, “I’ve been living my life wrong and now it’s too late to make
it right.”
10. Young as I was, I could still see the pain his regret was causing him, and even
then I recognized that the gift he was giving me was as much in honesty as
in the specific words he was so determined for me to hear.
11. “Robert, all of us are mostly unused potential. It’s up to you to become the
most curious person you know and to keep asking yourself, What is my best?
Keep finding more of it every day to give to the world. If you do that, I
promise that more of the best than you can ever imagine - and in many ways
beyond money - will come back to you.”
12. And it has. Despite my struggles and mistakes along the way, I have learned
that there are opportunities, for each of us that exist beneath and beyond
conventional thinking and self imposed limits. What my grandfather realized
too late that he had not done, he challenged me to do. In this book, I pass the
challenge to you.
(599 words)
(An excerpt from The Other 90% by Robert K. Cooper)
Q.a. Who, according to the writer, are exceptional people? (2)
Q.b. What, according to his parents, did ‘successful’ people do? (2)
Q.c. What does one need to do to “become more than you have been”? (2)
Q.d. Explain the phrase “looking inside yourself”. (1)
Q.e. What did the writer learn from his struggles and mistakes? (1)
Q.f. Find words from the passage which mean the same as:- (4x1)
a) of unusual high quality (para 1)
b) hard but easily broken (para 6)
c) possibility for developing (para 11)
d) following accepted customs and traditions (para 12)
A.2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 08 marks
Cosmetic surgery is the latest beauty mantra in India , as more and more people want to look young
and feel good. Be it a crooked nose, cleft lip or excessive body flab, cosmetic surgery can correct
it all. Moreover, in the last decade , the popularity of medical tourism has soared among people in
developed nations due to the elevated cost of healthcare in their own countries. A career as a
cosmetic surgeon entails years of training and developing exceptional skill. However, once established,
clients will flow in. Cosmetic surgery entails specialization in a wide variety of arenas such as
rhinoplasty (nose job), abdominalplasty (tummy tuck), otoplasty (ear surgery), chin, cheek, and
The level of education is expanding in the field of medical science, and the demand for cosmetic
surgeons in India is at an all time high. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a fine tuned branch of
medicine and requires intensive training. After an MBBS degree ,students would have to pursue a
three-year Masters in Surgery (MS) degree and decide upon their area of specialization. The MS
degree involves a house job, a junior residency and a senior residency for one year each. Students
then have to give a dissertation for approval to the university, after which they can sit for the MS
examinations. Aspiring cosmetic surgeons need to specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery,
also known as MCh degree. Another option after MBBS is the Diploma National Board DNB),
which is parallel to the conventional medical system and offers various specialization options
including plastic and cosmetic surgery. The basic requirement of a cosmetic surgeon is an elevated
sense of aesthetics and beauty. A sense and perception for the perfection of the human anatomy is
vital in cosmetic surgery.
During their practising years, students must aim to train under renowned surgeons in the field, and
soak up as much as possible from their expertise. Being an apprentice to a good surgeon will not
only give you the much required exposure to the reality of the cosmetic operations but will also build
your confidence and client base. The practising years are crucial because in cosmetic surgery, perfect
results are essential. Medical science is not a stagnant field, and hence one must also keep abreast
of the latest in the field of cosmetic surgery.
The biggest profit for a truly dedicated cosmetic surgeon is the beautiful result of his work and the
client’s satisfaction. After training under reputed cosmetic surgeons, one can either seek employment
in a hospital as a full time surgeon or open up a private clinic, or do both. If you are good, people
will come to you. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a cosmetic surgeon. (460words)
a) Make notes on the passage given above in any format using recognizable
abbreviations. Give a suitable title to the passage. 5 marks
b) Write a summary based on the notes you have made in about 80 words. 3 marks
25 marks
3) Star Academy, a foreign language institute has been set up in your neighborhood.
The institute is in collaboration with Inlingua International and boasts of state of
the art lab facilities and expert faculty. Draft a non-classified advertisement
mentioning details about the various courses and languages being offered. The
Institute also assures placement to diploma holders.
The English Department is organizing its Annual Inter-School Extempore. Write
a letter to Mr. Sahil Choudhry, Chief Editor ‘Times Daily’, inviting him to be one
of the judges for the event. You are Rita/Ramesh, President, English Club,
Symphony High School, Kolkatta.
4) You are Aman/Amrita Khanna, Principal, DAV School, Nagarpur. Use the input
given below to write a letter of enquiry to the Chairman, Delhi Bus Company
asking for details regarding availability of buses for school transport.
Number of buses - capacity - flexible timings - charges per km/child - security.
‘What people read is what people believe.’ You are concerned about the ongoing
controversy regarding media’s role in sensationalizing news, moulding public
opinion and moral policing. Write a letter to the editor emphasizing on media
responsibility. (200 words)
4b) According to you, the newspaper has a very important role in forming public
opinion and raising awareness regarding issues of social and public concern. The
common man believes that the information provided in the newspaper is authentic
and reliable. You are Vijay/Vijaya. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily
expressing your views on the responsible role of newspapers.
5) Teenagers today are getting hooked on to the latest gadgets. Write an article on
‘The advantages of technology versus its adverse effects’. ‘You are Sharan/
Shalini’ Use the input given below: (200words)
Gadgets : mobiles, ipods, computers
Greater affluence : easy availability
Impact on health : sedentary lifestyle, obesity, eating habits; Impact on
academic performance
Social impact : absence of social interaction
Improved communication : global vision, easy connectivity, faster information
5 marks
10 marks
10 marks
To commemorate the 150th year of the mutiny of 1857 your school is organizing
a special programme. You are Suresh/ Sita, head girl of Heritage School. Prepare
a talk to be delivered on the occasion using the input given below.
Freedom struggle - sacrifice - maintaining and strengthening democracy -
responsibility - challenges - new vision - responsibility of nation building
20 marks
6. Rearrange the following sentences sequentially to make complete sense:
a) The Director of the Institute, while inaugurating the seminar stressed the
importance of blood donation in saving precious lives.
b) It was agreed that professional blood donors should be discouraged as the
blood donated by them did not always match the standard norms.
c) Then Prof. Joshi gave a detailed statistical analysis of the number of deaths
which occur due to non- availability of the blood at the right time.
d) On Sunday, the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi witnessed a countrywide
congregation of specialist doctors who spoke on the importance of blood
donation in a seminar organized here.
e) Other senior doctors suggested remedial measures to counteract this position.
7. You have recently shifted into the school hostel and want to open a saving
bank account. Write a dialogue with the bank clerk regarding the procedure
to open a bank account. You may use the inputs given below - the first one
has been done for you
Clerk: Good morning Sir, How can I help you?
Rahul: I want to open a bank account.
• Collect form - fill it up - specify account -attach photograph
• attested by account holder - specimen signature
• Deposit initial money -collect receipt - collect check book/ pass book following
8. The following passage has ten errors. Identify the errors in each line write
and them along with the corrections as shown in the example:
Later, I promised myself, and keep walking keep kept
a) towards the grocery store. Inside, it taken me a
b) moment to orienting myself as I was hit
c) by a bewildered array of products.
d) Shelves were heavy laden with packets of
e) flour and spices or masala mixes. As I
5 marks
5 marks
5 marks
f) picked over some turmeric powder and
g) rice flour, I ran my fingers along a faintly
h) dusty surface of the bags. It came back
i) covered in a thin sheen of orange powders. It
j) was as though days earlier, a bag has exploded in the shop
9. Ms. Ragini runs an NGO, which works to rehabilitate street children. You are
Kamal/Kavita a reporter for Times Today. Frame 10 interview questions based on
the given input.
Inspiration - Average age - No. of children - living quarters -vocational training
-skill taught - health check ups - study curriculum - funds - future plans
35 marks
10. Choose any one of the following extracts and answer the questions that
and they will be proud
Of glorious war that shatter‘d all their pride,,,
Men who went out to battle, grim and glad:
Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad.
a) Name the poem and the poet. 1
b) Who does ‘they’ refer to? 1
c) Explain the paradox in the first two lines. 2
d) Why are the eyes full of hatred? 1
e) What impact has the war had on them? 2
Incredulously the laced fingers loosen,
Slowly, sensation by sensation, from their warm interchange,
And stiffen like frosted flowers in the November garden.
Already division piles emphasis like bullets:
Already the one dark air is separate and strange.
a) Name the poem and the poet.
b) Who is the poet speaking about in these lines?
c) What is incredulous about laced fingers loosening?
d) What does the phrase ‘frosted flowers’ symbolise?
e) Explain : ‘one dark air is separate and strange’.
5 marks
7 marks
7 marks
11. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each: 2 x 4 = 8
a) How does the poet convey the relentless spirit of the bird through his poem
b) How has the poet highlighted the caring and industrious nature of the mother
in Of Mothers, Among Other Things?
c) Explain the paradox ‘motionless in time’ with reference to Ars Poetica.
12. Attempt any one of the following questions in 80 to 100 words: 5
“I won’t! I won’t! My hands are clear of it. I threw it on the fire. If you keep it,
don’t blame me whatever happens.”
a) Name the play and the author. 1
b) Who says these words and to whom 1
c) What does ‘it’ refer to ? Why does he throw it into the fire? 2
d) In what way do his words of caution come true? 1
Alexander is not a ruthless conqueror. Comment.
13. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each: 2x4 = 8
a) Why does Mrs. Malik think that the architect had mocked at her while
drawing the sketch?
b) Doronin’s final letter to Lisa brought out the ‘real’ actress within her.
c) Why does Einstein oppose the idea of specialized training in schools ?
14. Answer any one of the following questions in 100 to 125 words: 7
In The Hum of Insects the reader journeys through the magic of reminiscence to
present day reality. Comment.
According to Einstein, what is the aim of school education? Mention two ways
of achieving this objective.

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