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Reading her mind - An interview with Vandana (Part II)

Here is the much awaited second part of the Interview with Vandana, Managing Editor, wherein she expressively mentioned her thoughts about the famous educational portal. She feels touching somebody with magic words and thoughtful deed would possibly change one's life in this virtual world.

Speaking from the heart – An interview with Vandana, Managing Editor,

Undoubtedly an inspiration to everyone, she is Tony's trouble shooter, her colleagues' best counsellor & mentor for many a newbie. Her performance index with reference to contributions in ISC and other blogs is quite commendable. At credit a rare milestone of contributing 1000 articles in ISC very recently which could be sure the favourite output of the search engines. She is none other than Vandana, the Managing Editor of ISC. In an exclusive interview with the author, she shares her thoughts. Read on...

How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense

Read this article to know how to earn money from IndiaStudyChannel and Google Adsense. You will find some tips and guideline to work and earn from ISC and Adsense account.

How to make money from Infolinks ads

Looking for a review of Infolinks ads? This article provides information on the types of Infolinks ads available for publishers, including bloggers. You will get details of how to integrate Infolinks ads with your blog or website and earn money. I have also provided a personal review of the Infolinks ads.

Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.

Guidelines for new bloggers to earn through Blogging and AdSense

Blogging is picking up in India and so many blogging platforms are available. Immediately on joining the bloggers world the bloggers come across various posts about earning through blog content via Adsense advertising. The bloggers, in an effort to start earning from the day one, forget the basic funda that good content on the web is the king and they should not be distracted from acquiring best blogging skills before they think of monetizing their blogs.

Bermuda triangle: An unsolved mystery

In this article I have given information about the mystery prevailing in the existence of Bermuda triangle. Further, I gave the information about the location and the boundaries of the Bermuda triangle. I also wrote about the series of the disappearance of a series of aircraft and surface vessel in this particular area.

Calculation of Loan EMI and Bank Insurance Charges

Personal Loans, Car Loans, Housing Loans and Loan against Property are taken by the public from banks and financial institutions. Even after regular repayment of pre-defined equated monthly instalments at the end the banks inform that the loan is outstanding. The bank customers feel cheated and file consumer complaints. This article explains how to protect against such unwarranted extra demands by the banks.

What to Keep in mind while buying Physical Gold or Gold Jewellery?

Buying gold is not just like buying fruits, vegetables, apparels or grocery. Buying pure gold or gold jewellery is an investment in liquid asset which can be en-cashed at any time in case of need. While buying pure gold or gold jewellery people get confused about the purity, carats, prices, making and polishing charges if purchasing jewellery due to ignorance of basic facts about gold. This article tries to provide you with some quick tips to be vigilant.

How to earn monthly income after retirement through Reverse Mortgage

If you own a house property and have no regular source of income after retiring from business or job then PNB Baghban Scheme based on the theme of movie "Baghban" is the right answer for you. The scheme provides for a regular source of income by mortgaging the House with a provision not to repay at all as future discount market price of the House Property is paid in installments as a regular monthly income to the senior citizen.

HostGator Live chat regarding creation of new website

Individual bloggers, technical or non technical, after achieving success with Adsense might start thinking of launching website like IndiaStudyChannel or HubPages. Though it is not child's play yet this Live Chat is meant for you and only you to know the basic to fulfill your wishes.

Plus two Admission 2017-18 in Loyola School Jamshedpur

Aspiring for admission to class XI in a prestigious ICSE school in Jamshedpur? Loyola School Jamshedpur has published a notification regarding plus two admission for 2017-18. Learn here the details about the admission process to class XI. Also find general information on admission to other classes.

Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida Admissions for BCA/BBA 2017

Are you looking for details about admissions into Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida, BCA and BBA programmes for the year 2017? Here you can find the details about the exam like eligibility criteria, course details which can be opted after qualifying the exam, procedure for submitting the entrance exam application, important dates, etc.,

Best 3 CBSE schools in Chalakudy, Kerala

Is there any CBSE school in Chalakudy that provides KG students an amusement park facility? Searching for the location of C.K.M.N.S.S senior secondary school Chalakudy? How to get admission at Crescent Public School Chalakudy? Check out this post to clear all your queries regarding the best 3 CBSE schools of Chalakudy, Kerala.

Top 2 CBSE schools in Nalanchira, Kerala

Which are the top CBSE schools in Nalanchira, Trivandrum, Kerala? Looking for the facilities in Navajeevan Bethany Vidyalaya Thiruvananthapuram? How to get admission at Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya in Trivandrum? Check out this post to clear all your queries regarding the top 2 CBSE schools located in Nalanchira, Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala state.

ICC's Test XI of 2016

Recently ICC announced their test team of the year. Due to their cut off process some deserving names missed out. Here is a XI purely based on performances of 2016. The list includes matches played between 1st January 2016 and 26th December 2016.

Top CBSE Schools to Look Out for in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is recognized for the high-quality of education, especially at the school level. Schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education have gained credence for the superb education they provide. Here are a few of the best schools in the city.

An overview of some of the finest CBSE Schools in Pune

Pune is known for its high standard of education. The city offers some of the finest CBSE affiliated schools in the country. From chain-of-schools that have branches across the country to some of the best private schools, Pune has them all.

An Overview of some of the most sought after CBSE Schools in Pune

Pune is a significant education centre in Maharashtra and particularly in western India, with a number of self-governing CBSE schools, as well as schools belonging to national school chains like the Air-Force School and many others. Here is a look at some of the finest CBSE affiliated schools in Pune.

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