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What to do when you have quarreling parents. (6)
This article is to help those who are having parents who fight often. This situation is tough for any child be you are at any age. Quarreling parents may affect your life in many ways so this is important for you to get out of this situation.
Category: General    Author: Chitra Rana      Posted Date: 15 Sep 2014
What to Do If ATM Gives Fake Currency Notes (7)
Did you have got a fake currency note from the ATM and don't know what to do? Now and then, you can hear news of fake currencies popping out of the ATM machine. Now, think you are one of them who get a fake note from the ATM and is in a dilemma what to do. Here is a complete guide to help you in the event you encounter with a counterfeit note.
Category: General Finance articles    Author: Suman Sahu      Posted Date: 04 Sep 2014
Why is the best work at home site and not a scam: a review (24)
Is a safe, legit and trustworthy site and not a fraud, cheating website? This article gives you the true picture through an insightful review about and its earning programs, explaining how you can earn a part-time income from ISC working from home.
Category: About IndiaStudyChannel    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2014
Good Article Writing Tips (151)
Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 06 Jan 2010
Know the awards and contests in (6)
In this article, you will find a detailed description of various contests and awards in IndiaStudyChannel. It would be of real help to you in getting a award in this site in case you have a fair knowledge about the various various awards and contests of the site.
Category: About IndiaStudyChannel    Author: Kalyani      Posted Date: 29 Jan 2013
Useful tips on how to post articles in the Resource section of ISC (24)
In this article, I will explain some of the effective techniques of posting articles in the Resource section of The passionate writers need to keep in mind that posting articles online in the websites need some simple techniques which has to be followed by them for becoming successful in online writing.
Category: About IndiaStudyChannel    Author: Kalyani      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2012
How to get Google Adsense account approved through ISC? (13)
Do you want to get your Google Adsense account to be approved through ISC? You can apply for Adsense account once you become a gold member in ISC. As Google Adsense team has made account approval process stricter, it becomes very essential to know the best practices before you apply for Google Adsense. Read on to know how to get Google Adsense account approved through ISC.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Ashis Dubey      Posted Date: 26 Aug 2012
Overview of IndiaStudyChannel (25)
This is an article written for all the new members who are joining in Indian Study Channel to know what are the things available here in this website and how well they can make it useful for them to gain knowledge from it and as well share what they know with others. There also an option to earn money from this website, so well all the new members just read this article fully and make yourself comfortable in using this website usefully for your life and career.
Category: General    Author: Shathyan      Posted Date: 04 Nov 2011
How To Apply For Google Adsense Program Through IndiaStudyChannel (17)
How can I apply for Google AdSense in India? How to associate my Google AdSense account with India Study Channel? This article answers these queries by giving complete information about the Google AdSense application process, criteria, age eligibility, etc for the India Study Channel Google AdSense revenue sharing program. You will also know about how to improve your Search Optimization skills.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 12 Aug 2011
Five simple steps to earn cash and points from this site (India Study Channel) (102)
How to earn points and cash from India Study Channel as there are numbers of online sites who promises how to earn money online, this site enable you to earn points and cash little differently, kindly go through all the sections from ISC and check its all contents to get an idea before proceed and to know how to earn cash and points from ISC. Getting Google adsense account and Kontera account freely also possible to earn extra income through adsense and kontera revenue sharing program at ISC.
Category: General    Author: Hafeezur Rahman P      Posted Date: 30 Jun 2011
Common mistakes to avoid when submitting a Resource article at ISC (71)
How to put in a good title? How to write a summary? You will get answers to these and other questions in this article. This article gives detailed information on the do's and dont's of presenting resource articles at India Study Channel.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 01 Jun 2011
How to use StatCounter to track AdSense clicks (24)
Many of us use Google AdSense to monetize our online content. The reports provided by Google are limited to tracking your revenue, but it does not provide any details on where the clicks came from. In this article, I will explain how to use the StatCounter software to track the clicks on AdSense.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 18 Nov 2010
How to Proceed in IndiaStudyChannel? (62)
This article provides basic guidelines on how to begin your contributions to IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) website. It will help you to start understanding how the site works and know the various features and sections of ISC by guiding you to the other important resources of this website.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 29 Oct 2009
India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines (6)
This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.
Category: General    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2007
How to take a good selfie photo easily
Looking for tips to shooting a selfie like a professional? This article provides unique insights into how to go about clicking the best selfies and how not to bungle it!
Category: Computer & Technology    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 28 Oct 2014
Benefits and side effects of NutriGain and NutriSlim powders - Ayurwin review
Want to lose or gain weight? Many medicines, powders and capsules are available in market nowadays. But whether these products are effective? Does they give accurate results? Can you reduce or increase your weight by consuming these products? Read the expert review about most popular Ayurwin brand NutriGain and NutriSlim powders and know if they have any side effects.
Category: Health    Author: Nidhi      Posted Date: 28 Oct 2014
Life insurance Vs Investment (1)
Life insurance and investment are not the same thing and we should not mix up life insurance with investment. Life insurance is meant for financial protection against death where as investment is making savings for a longer period for creating a wealth with expectation of gain.
Category: Insurance    Author: Kokil Kumar Sarma      Posted Date: 24 Apr 2013
How to reach Mysore from Bangalore by bus, cab, train and flight
In this article, you will know how to reach Mysore from Bangalore by various mode of transport. What are the best places to see in Mysore, hotspot in Mysore and the best tourist spot in Mysore etc. Check this article to know more detail on Bangalore to Mysore trip.
Category: Tourist Attractions    Author: Hafeezur Rahman P      Posted Date: 27 Oct 2014
Birla Vidyamandir Nainital admissions test for March 2015
Would you like your ward to get admissions to Birla Vidyamandir Nainital for the 2015 academic year? This article provides details of the upcoming admissions test for those who wish to take admissions to Birla Vidyamandir Nainital, Uttarakhand. You will also get details about the school's infrastructure, co-curricular activities, sports facilities, etc.
Category: School Admissions    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 27 Oct 2014
Devendra Fadnavis – profile of a potential Chief Minister (1)
Will Devendra Fadnavis become the next Maharashtra Chief Minister? This article provides an insight into the biographical profile of Devendra Fadnavis, one of the potential candidates for the CM's post. It provides information about his educational and political background as well as general skills and contact details
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 26 Oct 2014
Penguin 3.0 updates from Goolge
Are you a writer, blogger or webmaster? If so, you need to be ready at this moment to update or refresh your website or blog content with quality to stop the ignorance of the search engine ranking or even penalized the web. Yes, Google has released Penguin 3.0 updates on 17th Oct 2014 to detect webspam, unnatural link building and too much inbound links etc. Learn how to recover from Penguin latest updates? Read this article to know more detail on SERP.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Hafeezur Rahman P      Posted Date: 25 Oct 2014
Friends and their importance
In this article I am writing about friends and their importance in our life. Friends make our life colourful and show endless love on us. Friends are referred as pocket of happiness in our life. They bring in glory and enlighten your life with their mark of significance.
Category: General    Author: Sesha      Posted Date: 24 Oct 2014
ILBS Admission 2015 Ph.D, PDCC, Certificate Courses notifications
Are you looking for latest admission 2015 announcement from Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) New Delhi for Ph.D, PDCC, Certificate Courses detail? If so, you are in the right page to get ILBS Medical course admission notification over here. Last date to apply online for the below mentioned course is on 30th Nov 2014.
Category: Medical Admissions    Author: Hafeezur Rahman P      Posted Date: 22 Oct 2014
Causes and symptoms of kidney stones
This is the information on kidney stone causes and symptoms. Kidney stones are accretion of dissolved minerals on the internal lining of the kidneys. Stones consist of a fragment called as calcium oxalate. In some cases kidney stone grow up to the size of golf ball with spiky and crystalline configuration and can cause extreme pain.
Category: Health    Author: Mathi Gopal      Posted Date: 22 Oct 2014
A friend of Children shares 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
This year Nobel Peace Prize has been shared by Kailash Satyarthi, for his work for the liberation of millions of children from their hardships and bondages, throughout the world. He started caring hapless children of the society from his early ages. A short summary about his career is noted down.
Category: General    Author: T.M.Sankaran      Posted Date: 22 Oct 2014

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