Characteristics of C#

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Characteristics Of C#:-

C# was developed to bring rapid development to C++ without sacrificing the power and control of C and C++. C# provides various characteristics,which are:
C# eliminates the use of tedious operators such as -->, and pointers. C# treats inter and Boolean as two different data types, which enable the compiler
to recognize the use of = in place of = = with if statement.

C# supports only one integer tyoe and there is no limitation of range.
C# contains various features necessary to develop web applications. Following are the features of C#:
It provides automatic garbage collection.
It provides robust security model.
It provides decimal data type for financial application.
It provides modern approach for debugging.
It provides a rich intrinsic model for error handling.
Object Oriented:-
C# supports all the features of object oriented language such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism . It treats everything as an object and there are no global
functions,variables and constants in C#.
Type Safe:-
C# provides various type safe measures ,which are :
Dynamically allocated objects and arrays are initialised to zero.
Products an error message while using an uninitialised variable.
Checks the range of an array and warns when the access goes out of bound.
Unsafe casts are not allowed.
Enforces overflow checking in arithmetic operations.
C# supports versioning that enables the existing applications to run on different versions with the help of new and override command.
C# contains the .NET specifications and therefore,allows inter operation with other .NET languages.
C# does not support pointers but you may use pointers to manipulate the data of certain classes and methods by declaring them unsafe.
C# enables a program to call out any native API. It also allows the use of COM objects written in different languages.

Application of C#

C# is a language developed to provide support to the features of the .NET framework.
It enables you to create a variety of applications and components ,such as

Console Application:
It is a program that is used through a text only computer interface.

Windows Application:
It is a program that is written to run only in windows operating system.

Windows Control:
It is a component that is used in a windows application.

ASP.NET Application:-

It is a web application creating using ASP.NET scripting language that allows you to perform a
Specific task on the server side.

Web Control:
It is a component that is used in a web application, which is an application that runs through the
Interneon a web server.

Web Services:
It is a software component that is accessed through a standard network protocol, such as Simple
Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

.NET Component Library:
It is a library that contains components, classes’ methods and properties for a language, such as C#.

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This is a fine contribution that you can build a blog and give good instruction on how to program using C sharp as the programming platform. I will want you to give me websites where I can get free instruction on how to program c sharp in a very simple and beginner's friendly manner.


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