Steps involved in job analysis

Steps involved in job analysis

Steps involved in job analysis

Step 1
In organization analysis charts class specifications work flow charts are collected and analyzed.
Step 2
Deciding the incharge for the programme budget allocation and the time schedule for the programme are fixed.
Step 3
Deciding the areas where the job information is used
Step 4
Selecting the representative jobs for the analysis
Step 5
Understanding the job design to under stand the job design study the current job design, specification, procedure manual, flow chart etc
Step 6
Collection of data is done in this step. The following data is collected
1) The characteristics of job
2) Qualification
3) Behavior required to do the job effectively
These are collected from the concerned employees and supervisors through and observation, interviews, questionnaire, past records etc
Step 7
Developing a job description
This includes the description about tasks duties and responsibilities need to be discharged
Step 8
Preparing job specification
Job specification includes the personnel attributes in terms of education, training, experience, and aptitude required to perform the job.
Step 9
Job evaluation
Job evaluation is the process of comparing the jobs with other jobs in terms of wages a worker should be paid.

Job design

Job design is a division of an organizational work among its employees

Method of job design

1) Mechanistic job design

In mechanistic job design the worker is required to do only one (or) two simple things over and over again. It is easy to learn but usually boring for worker and worker gets dissatisfied and un motivated.

2) Motivational job design

Here high level of autonomy makes workers more responsible and accountable. Jobs having these characteristics of skills variety task identity task significance autonomy feed back etc. will highly motivate and satisfy the employee

3) Biological job design

Here the jobs with less physical work are preferred as there is less chance of accidents.

4) Perceptual job design

This method ensures that the mental abilities of the work do not exceed the workers mere capabilities.

Techniques for making job design as motivational

1) Job enlargement
Job enlargement is combining various operations at a similar level in one job to provide inspiration.
2) Job enlargement
It is the technique of increasing the depth of their jobs i.e. combining several opportunities from a vertical cross section of organization in to one job, have more atonomy and responsibility
3) Empowerment
Empowerment is the act of delegating power and authority to the sub ordinates so that goals of manager can be accomplished
4) Job rotation
It is done to broaden the knowledge of employees usual diversifying their activities off set the boredom.


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