Modern Education System

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If a child is asked, what for he goes to school, he would probably answer, "for studying!!", next when he is asked why he studies, he might say, "for scoring well in exams." Now here lies the problem. If education is meant for this i.e. to memorize the ugly words of the textbooks till the final bell of the exams and scoring around centum, then I have a better option. Just lock the student in a room and ask him to scan the book in his mind, a good idea indeed, isn't it? No, because the basic aim of education is PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT...not just learning but understanding and implementing them in your life and work.
Education is not pouring out a box of information in a child’s brain, but to show him the box of knowledge and just asking him to extract the data from it. The attitude of children towards education is changing…they want to learn but have pressure of passing the exams with 90+ marks, they have the pressure of securing jobs in future in the competitive scenario and in such huge three dimensional pressure they shrink, their thinking part of the brain probably becomes dormant and they become more a robot than a human being, with the remote control in the hands of the environment which drag them and push them into a world which he never wanted to enter.
Such a fate of students will be persisting for long if the present circumstances prevail and the one which is to blame is the Modern Education System. The suicide committed by the students due to the pressure of failures in the exams is no longer a suicide, it’s a murder and the murderer is the education system. Even if you say that there are some students who survive in these scenarios and win in competitive exams…People with such comments should look a bit ahead of their future, they leave their country not satisfied with the education system. So in all ways the system of education is to blame.
But, of course there is a solution. If we look for secrets of success of the developed nations, we might find the solution. We all know that USA is one of the leading superpowers and peeping into their education system we find that they are at this stage only because of their perfect education system, which does not seeks for just professionals, there the students are free to chose their track in the very child age itself and they go for it, ensuing into high-class and talented professionals. They even need not go to the other countries for draining their brain in the development of other countries, because they have enough ground-breaking ideas to help them stomach any situation they live in. Even the prospect of India lies in such a innovative education system.


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