Summary of 'The happy Prince'

This resource contains the summary of the the story, 'The happy Prince' written by Oscar Wilde.

This is the story about a prince who had got every thing in his life. He had not seen any sorrow in his life. He helped his people whatever he could.

As it happens with every body, one day the prince also left this world. People were very sad and unhappy. People made his statue in his memory. The statue was made up of lead and fixed with various jewels. Blue jewels were fixed in his eyes. The statue was kept over a pillar at the centre of the town so that everybody could remember him.

Once upon a time a swallow came to visit the place and stopped between the feet of the statue. During night when the swallow was going to sleep, a drop fell on his head. He looked up and saw that tears coming out from the eyes of the statue. He became very sad.

"Why are you crying my dear?" Asked the prince. "I have seen every thing happy in my life, but here I am seeing that somebody is unhappy and sad?" Replied the prince.

The swallow was surprised and asked about what he could see. The prince told him that he has seen that there is house at far off place where a poor woman lives. She is very sad because she has no money to buy food and medicines for his son who is very sick and unhealthy.

The prince requests him to help the woman. He gives one of the jewels of his sword to the swallow and told to hand it over to the poor old woman. She becomes happy after getting the jewel as he could buy medicines and good food for his son and her.

The swallow replied that he is not feeling cold. Why? The prince told him that by doing a good deed he has got warmth.

The swallow wanted to flew to the warm place where his family members had gone. He said good bye to prince but he stopped the swallow to leave him. He wants some more works to be done by swallow. One after other he gave out his jewels from his body and at lost he gave all the pieces of his cloth also. He helped the poor young man who wanted to write good things but unable due to want of money. The prince helped the little girl who was selling matches but due to heavy cold her matches became wet she could not sell it. She was afraid that her father will beat her after reaching home. The prince never wanted to see any thing unhappy in the world. He gave the jewel of his another eye and made the girl happy.

The day came when all the jewels of his body gone. The prince looked ugly and shabby. The swallow never left the place to help the prince. Then the snow came. The little swallow got colder and c. He knew that his end has come.

"Good bye", replied the prince. Some thing broke inside him. It was his heart.

One day the mayor and councilors saw condition of the statue of the prince during their visit. A dead bird was under his feet. They decided to remove the statue from that place and put statue of the mayor. They took down the lead from the statue of the prince gave it to workmen to make statue of the mayor. The workmen found that there was a heart inside the statue which did not melt. They decided to throw the heart to the heap of the dust where the little dead swallow was lying.

The god was seeing this. He ordered his angles to bring the two most precious things from the town.

They brought the broken heart and the dead swallow. The god said "You are right".

It is said that the little bird still lives with the god in his garden of paradise and the happy prince always known in the name of the god.


Author: Aman Gupta21 Jan 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

The summary is really very good and includes the whole story. Its indeed interesting to read such a wonderful summary.

Guest Author: hussam10 Jul 2012

I read this story , when I was student in college . I very influenced until the cry due to that it's carry from feelings to help the people . I hope to have same the heart of happy prince to help all people .

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