Science and Technology: A Boon or A Bane

Read this resource to know that how in one way, science and technology beneficial for us and the other way it's leading to many of the worst problems on earth.

Science and Technology: A boon or a bane

There's no doubt about what science has gifted us in the past few decades and there's no doubt even about its side-effects on our mother earth. The fast melting glaciers, a result of comforting air conditioners and fridges that we credit for our delicious ice-creams, has proved to be one of the biggest curses of the technological growth. But, at the same time we can't forget that what has made possible the scaling of earth and moon, what has been satisfying the mysterious mind of human beings by ten on ten reasons and logics and what has reduced the earth to the pocket's size by immensely strong and powerful system of transportation and communication. Let’s talk about it in a bit more detail.

How is it a boon?

1. If Akbar would have been brought to twenty first century, or if Bill Gates would have been sent to Birbal's time then probably both would have died of heart attacks, being surprised of so much of a change in just a few centuries.

2. If we question our self, that in the modern scenario is it possible to live without Edison's bulb or without Faraday’s motor, then the answer must come in negative from many.

3. The improvement in Communication has left the pigeons unemployed and postmen with vacant bags which once overflowed with the letters. Today the message sending can be any time and anywhere, that too within seconds. It's like the signals wait for you to click the mouse to connect to your distant kin and friends.

4. Previously, people didn't think of moving even to the nearby cities, but now, they have measured the size of the sun and moons. They have climbed up the ladder up above the sky themselves. That has been all possible due to the hi-tech transportation gadgets.

5. Now we don't have to spend time to know about the happenings in the areas present miles away from your locality. Whether it be a volcanic eruption in Mars or a rare solar eclipse, the live telecast appears in our television sets or mobile screens.

How is it a bane?

1. Today technology is definitely scaling the road of progress in bullet trains but leaving the smoke and dust behind it creating problems to our mother nature. Pollution is not just limited to the aerial parts but has even extended its arms towards the water bodies and land, and thus the human beings, plants and animals. Even the crops are being affected.

2. If one is disturbing the nature, how can she remain quiet…Even she is articulating her anger through disasters. Tsunamis and earthquakes are just trailers; the film is yet to be released. Such attacks have even led the forecasters to threaten the life on earth; i.e. earth might face another ice-age once again bringing an end to each and every biospherical element.

3. On one side if technology is making the earth smaller, the other side it's enlarging human stomachs. A new dish today means a new disease tomorrow. The infinitely fried and saturated oils are petrolling the diseases to reach their worst limits.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development refers to development which does not compromise with the needs of future generations and doesn't lead to the deterioration of environment.

We need to go for it because of the following reasons:-

• The non-renewable energy stock is getting finished at a fast rate that might create problems for the coming up generation.

• The harmful bi-product of development, Pollution, has also become a big concern.

What can we do to protect our nature?

There are indeed as number of methods as is the population of the world, or even more, to save this planet. Here, I'm listing a few of them:-

1. Many new Sunderlals and Rajendra Singhs are needed to launch large scale programmes to save trees and water.

2. We should follow the rules made by the environmentalists, not for their sake, but for our home, our Earth!

3. We can't clean out the roads engulfed by the vehicles, but we can of course lessen it, by taking fullest advantage of passenger buses or pooling cars. That's not just going to help in decreasing the pollution, but even to sum your savings account.

4. Judicious use of water for domestic purposes like washing, bathing and cooking can also help for the same.

5. Environmental education and awareness programmes should also be increased.

So friends, Save trees, water and air and thus save yourself and your coming generations. This offer is for a very less period of time only. Hurry!!!


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