Athisayam theme park in Madurai

This theme park is 20 minutes vehicle travelling from the Madurai city. Read this article to know about the nice places to see in Athisayam theme park like Space walk, Entrance shower, Sindhubath, Multi water play system, artificial water falls, the Wave pool, crazy river, Lazy river, the Aqua Bowl, Umbrella slides, Multi mat slide, Float riding, Free falling and dry park and other exciting features of the Athisayam theme park in Madurai.

Madurai theme park has been the highly entertaining spot for the people living in southern range of tamilnadu. This theme park has the following features:

Space walk

This theme park invites the customers with the exciting

Space walk path

. This path makes the walkers on it to think that they are walking in the space.

Entrance shower

Next to the space walk we are welcomed by the entrance shower. This shower makes us to get wet. Because will be sent to the water park next. The entrance shower has clean and pure water also gives good photo view for us


In the water part we may start with sindhubath where we can enjoy with our family by having water playing pleasure were the big water splash using a big barrel of water splashing on us to enjoy. We will be given some sink guard balloons to play by floating on the water ever through out the water park area.

Multi water play system

The next place is, multi water play system. Here we can climb on the ladder and ride the slides to an unexpected soaking to surprise your.

Artificial water falls

The next one is water falls. The artificial water falls to bath.

Wave pool

The wave pool is an artificial sea where the waves are getting released. Here we can experience the sea bath with clean and pure water.

Crazy river

Next one is crazy river slide where we will have to ride on a snake body shaped path made up of plastic on the running water by sitting in the air balloon given to us as we are in water park.

Lazy river

This theme park has an artificial river too do relax and to enjoy in the river using the air balloon. This river has no hazardous deep to scare.

Aqua bowl

The aqua bowl of this theme park has a twisting type plastic giant structure. When we go for it, we will be sent through the structure and feel twisted a moment and then will be dropped into a soaking water through a bowl.

Umbrella slides

Next one is the umbrella slide where the slides are kept in an umbrella shape all together to enjoy with family. The end of all the slides here goes to the lazy river we seen above.

Water trampoline

A giant balloon has been kept in the middle of the lazy river where we can climb to top and have jumps till we can and fall down to water when we slip ourselves.

Multi mat slide

Here the multi mat slide has 5 racks were 5 members can slide at a moment. The fallers on this slide will be given a mat to ride. The rider on the mat will ride a 135 feet's long path and finally falls in the water.

Float riding

There are two float rides one is slow and the other is speed. In the both we will be sent to a snake body shaped path for a long distance.

Free falling

The vertical falling into the water will make us to feel like diving into the lake from height without taking risk much. The free fall fast of athisayam gives that experience. The one who doesn't like to go with the free fall fast hall prefer free fall slow as it makes us to move slowly from the height.

This is it for the Athisayam theme park has in its water park section. Now lets move on to the dry park.

Dry park

The dry park has equal entertaining features as we get in the water park. The features of this dry one are,


This is one of the familiar one that we could have seen in exhibitions.

Tora tora

This is also a familiar one which spins tragically when we sitting on it.

Jumping frog

This one will be mostly selected by the children to ride on it because it is slow in speed.

Swinging chair

This one looks like simple but will give a great excited feeling to us. It makes us to feel that we are in danger of thrown away with great speed at a stage.

Baby crazy river

This is exclusively for the children. It gives a tiny river in a water balloon as shown in the picture below.

The baby train

This train will not move at all. The visitors using this train to get photos and to make their children to sit in it and to have fun.

Science park

This one should have come with the creative thinking of the management of the theme park. Because it is rare to see a science park in a theme park. This science park has the specimens to explain the students coming as the visitors about the basic operation of a mechanical motor, D.N.A structure, Table of the chemical elements, Law of cones, Principle of pendulums etc.,

Air fort

The air fort of this dry park has a giant balloon made up of high quality rubber for the children at 5 yrs of age to jump on it and have fun.

Dashing cars

This cars are familiar and would have been seen in all the theme parks. Here totally 10 cars are used to have a drive. 15 INR apart from the entry fees per person have been collected for riding these cars for 6 minutes.

Giant wheel

This is also a familiar one and lets us to ride on a giant sized wheel up and down.


The artificial octopus having chairs in its hands. The movement of the octopus makes us who are sitting in the seat excited.


We have to pay 50 INR per person if we want to ride the boat on the artificial pond for half an hour.

Apart from the topics we discussed above, this theme park has a play station which has video game, indoor volley ball, basket ball, buffalo ride etc.,

The operating time of the park is 10 A.M to 6:30 P.M
Lunch time 2 P.M to 2:45 P.M

The entry fees for an adult is 400 INR and 250 INR for the children.

Restaurant,Physician, locker for our things are available.

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