Syllabus for 6th sem( Computer science and Engineering) -

This article gives full syllabus of Graphics and mutimedia Lab and Compiler design lab for CSE students 6th semester


1. To implement Bresenham’s algorithms for line, circle and ellipse drawing
2. To perform 2D Transformations such as translation, rotation, scaling, reflection and sharing.
3. To implement Cohen-Sutherland 2D clipping and window-viewport mapping
4. To perform 3D Transformations such as translation, rotation and scaling.
5. To visualize projections of 3D images.
6. To convert between color models.
7. To implement text compression algorithm
8. To implement image compression algorithm
9. To perform animation using any Animation software
10. To perform basic operations on image using any image editing software

1 & 2 Implement a lexical analyzer in “C”.
3. Use LEX tool to implement a lexical analyzer.
4. Implement a recursive descent parser for an expression grammar that generates arithmetic expressions with digits, + and *.
5. Use YACC and LEX to implement a parser for the same grammar as given in problem
6. Write semantic rules to the YACC program in problem 5 and implement a calculator that takes an expression with digits, + and * and computes and prints its value.
7 & 8. Implement the front end of a compiler that generates the three address code for a simple language with: one data type integer, arithmetic operators, relational operators, variable declaration statement, one conditional construct, one iterative construct and assignment statement.
9 &10. Implement the back end of the compiler which takes the three address code generated in problems 7 and 8, and produces the 8086 assembly language instructions that can be assembled and run using a 8086 assembler. The target assembly instructions can be simple move, add, sub, jump. Also simple addressing modes are used.

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