Need of Network Security

This article describes about the need of network security in the cyber world of today. Read this article to know about network and other related information.

Introduction to Network

A computer Network is a group of computers and associated devices connected to each other in order to provide communication, information sharing and resources sharing. The computer can be located in a small area, in a city or all over the world. They can be connected through metallic cables, optical cables or satellite links depending on the area of their lobbuiono.
You might have heard about the Internet. It is a large network spread all over world connecting many smaller networks. It provides so many facilities like direct communication file transfer, e-mail etc. You can acknowledge a message, forward it, store, retrieve or add attachments to it. Similar networks allow you to share resource like applications, printers, modems, scanners, disk space etc. Though it provides so many services but now a day the main attraction on it is electronic meetings, video conferencing etc. that is made possible through special software called groupware.


are special software that allows multiple users to communicate directly to each other with inclusion of audio-visual and other types of data. It helps business organizations to arrange important business meetings in a very short time while the people attending them are sitting at geographical distances. Thus networks are proved to be boons for public, private as well as Government organizations. Not only is this it helpful to individuals as it enhances learning and knowledge.

Need of Network Security :-

The network needs security against attackers and hackers. Network Security includes two basic securities. The first is the security of data information i.e. to protect the information from unauthorized access and loss. And the second is computer security i.e. to protect data and to thwart hackers. Here network security not only means security in a single network rather in any network or network of networks.
Now our need of network security has broken into two needs. One is the need of information security and other is the need of computer security.
On internet or any network of an organization, thousands of important information is exchanged daily. This information can be misused by attackers. The information security is needed for the following given reasons.
  1. To protect the secret information users on the net only. No other person should see or access it.
  2. To protect the information from unwanted editing, accidently or intentionally by unauthorized users.
  3. To protect the information from loss and make it to be delivered to its destination properly.
  4. To manage for acknowledgement of message received by any node in order to protect from denial by sender in specific situations. For example let a customer orders to purchase a few shares XYZ to the broader and denies for the order after two days as the rates go down.
  5. To restrict a user to send some message to another user with name of a third one. For example a user X for his own interest makes a message containing some favourable instructions and sends it to user Y in such a manner that Y accepts the message as coming from Z, the manager of the organization.
  6. To protect the message from unwanted delay in the transmission lines/route in order to deliver it to required destination in time, in case of urgency.
  7. To protect the data from wandering the data packets or information packets in the network for infinitely long time and thus increasing congestion in the line in case destination machine fails to capture it because of some internal faults.

Another part of network security includes the computer security. Computer security means to protect your computer system from unwanted damages caused due to network. One of the major reason for such damages are the viruses and spywares that can wipe off all the information from your hard disk or sometimes they may be enough destructive and may cause hardware problems too. Certainly the network must be protected from such type of damaging software. The people who intentionally put such software on the network are called Hackers. As the network computers are part of it, so the computer security from Hackers is also a part of network security. The needs of computer security from Hackers are as follows:-

> It should be protected from replicating and capturing viruses from infected files.

> It needs a proper protection from worms and bombs.

> There is a need of protection from Trojan Horses as they are enough dangerous for your computer.


Author: Chitra01 Aug 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Network security is a must to protect our system and information from hackers and attackers. People with brilliant brains are coming up with new technology to hack our systems, hence we too need to be prepared for it.

Guest Author: mohammad faizan22 Jun 2015

nice notes for needs of network security nice

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