Harmful effects of global warming and preventing natural disasters

This article deals with the bad aspects of global warming. This article provides information on how to keep our planet cool and protect from natural disasters.

The effect of global warming is increasing day by day. The global warming ultimately leads to natural disasters and create trouble to the mankind. It is important that we take necessary actions to overcome this probem of global warming. Polluting the environment has now become human's hobby. It is becoming very difficult in preventing humans destruction. The heat of the earth crust is going on increasing thus leading to tsunami and earthquakes. This is also making the volcano wake up.

It is the duty of survivers to prevent this world from getting affected. The cutting of more trees increases the carbon di oxide content in the atmosphere leading to increase in heat of the earth's atmosphere. This also leads to ozone layer depletion. So it is definitely the duty of government to protect our trees from deforestation. The wild animals are also affected because of this issue. Most of the animals have already become extinct. The awareness programs are not to the reach of public. Thats why this problem is still continuing. If proper steps are taken to prevent global warming, there are various advantages.

All the disasters that occur in this world are interrelated and the reason for all the disaster is global warming. If proper steps are taken, world will be a safer place to live. The wild animals are always dependent on the humans and humans are always dependent on the wild animals. If one species of the food chain is affected definitely the others will also get affected. The other serious problem of pollution is the acid rain. The reason for acid rain is because of the chemicals getting evaporated and gets collected in the cloud and when it rains, it comes along with the rain drops as acid. This issue is greater in delhi where the Taj Mahal is affected because of this... The pure white color of taj mahal has now been changed to yellow color. If this problem continues then definitely there will be a serious disaster in this world ultimately leading to the end of the world. It will be wise and good if we wake up before itself.

Ozone layer depletion is caused due to green house effect. All these problems can be easily rectified if we plant more trees. Forests always protects the humans. Pollution should be reduced. Awareness must be created. People have to be educated regarding this issue.

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