Five super way to be outstading in life

To become anything in life is not easy you need some skill to get there, some of which are given you free of charge here.

To surpass everyone's expectation in life you need to take everything you do very serious. Instead of trying harder every-time.It is better you start something different today. Though, many people may think it is impossible but all you require is combination of skills and talents.
With the following skills and your God's endowed talents you can make it in life:

1. Direction-not Motion

The human nature try as much as possible to work against change, especially one is trying to change an attitude the brain struggles and even resists. To consistently bring out your personal best performance you need to engage the part your fore brain which is good at envisaging the future. Do the following to engage your fore brain:

i. Visualized where you need to be heading in life rather thinking about your current demands;
ii. Visualize clearly and vividly hoe best your future can be;
iii. Think of the best path that can take you there
Iv. Evaluate all your abilities and passions then think about which one can move your life forward; and
v. Once you are through with these steps above, go to work on making your dreams a reality.
If you can manage the direction in which you are heading you will be surprised on how the world will start celebrating you.

2. Focus- not time

The human brain loves fussing over unimportant details as well as loves being a time keeper. To set off these human nature, you need to learn hoe to override this inbuilt warning against something new. It is also pertinent to train yourself to follow different patterns:
i. To see the contest of your life and how all various pieces will fit together;
ii. To see new opportunities clearly and concisely;
iii. To view these new opportunities as open-space possibilities; and
iv. To see what could lie in the future rather than defending what happened in the past.

3. Capacity-not conformity

The human mind has very strong survival instincts honed by long years of development. For this reason, it enshrines conformity as good because that is safe. To make your dream a reality. you need to tap into those capabilities which are normally kept hidden. To access these capabilities you have to tune into the best brain your brain has to offer. The key to turning your own extraordinary ideas into successful action is to find ways to collaborate with yourself constructively.

4. Energy-not Effort

The human brains loves busyness. It is happiest when it is exhorting you to work harder and keep your nose figuratively closer to the grindstone. Trying to work harder pays more than being smarter as it is tiring and depressing. It is better to put more energy into the key places which can generate different outcomes.

The following tips will also help you in expending your energy for results:
i. It is not really how hard you work that counts. What matters is how effortlessly you get the right things done;
ii. Learn how to excel under pressure;
iii. Streamline so that you can focus on what adds most value;
iv. Make a leap forward by doing nothing at times; and
v. Be prepared to stay hungry and foolish.

5. Impact-not intentions
Most people have lofty aspirations, well meaning promises and good intentions about what they hope to achieve in the future. But until one turns those wishes into reality it is in there and now your intentions are just passing thoughts.

You have to focus on your impact, not just your intentions and get into the habit of tracking how much impact you are generating. Good measurements overcome brain ruts and allow you speed up your progress towards your open-space goals and targets.

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