How to Write Your Statement of Goals and Research Interests?

So here is my small effort if writing my statement of Goals and Research Interests / Experiences. While applying to universities statement of purpose is very important. As many of you people out thee knows that the statement of purpose reflects yourself. The article written gives you an idea.

" I Can "

Two small words , pasted over my best friend's cupboard , whose simplicity always caused me to smile as a kid , have all along proved a driving force in my life of a much greater magnitude than meets the eye. I dream of a career in research and teaching . I believe in my dreams .

As a kid in school , it was the vivid colors of various chemical compounds that first attracted me towards Chemistry . But as I grew , this juvenile attraction slowly metamorphosed into a more mature respect for the subject. As my understanding of Chemistry grew , so did my fascination for it , and I knew that I wanted to be a Chemical Engineer .

In my sophomore year of my undergraduate study , I first began to seriously consider a career in research . My years as an undergraduate student of Chemical Engineering made me realize the vastness of this subject and the enormous scope it offered for research in several areas .

During the course of my undergraduate education , courses such as “Environmental Engineering” nurtured me to develop a passion for Environmental Studies . This passion has blossomed into a desire to delve deeper into myriad research areas . I had always been fascinated to the concept of biological principles in wastewater treatment . Industrial wastewater treatment is a challenging field with the effluent having a high concentration of toxic substances .

It was during the time of my summer internship at NMDC , it made me develop a keen interest in Effluent Treatment . My project during my internship was "Manufacture of Glacial Acetic Acid". This includes process control and optimization of the plant , which is studied by modeling and simulation of the plant using computers . Apart from this, my project also included design of new Effluent Treatment Plant for various concentrations of inlet streams .

My visits to several Industries made me realize the importance of treatment techniques . These industrial associations brought to light the awareness in industries that biological processes and their application in Industrial wastewater treatment have provided the most effective and safe treatment mechanisms . Most industries generating waste materials have to set up an Effluent treatment plant , however there is a discomfort factor in the form of investment for the same . Giving weight age to this factor , I would like to devote my research in obtaining optimum all-round benefits from Effluent treatment projects and a commercially feasible Effluent treatment plant would be a dream come true for me .

My emergent fascination for Environmental Treatment Techniques compelled me to research technical journals , papers and books in related topics keeping me abreast with the latest industrial and academic advancements . With the adequate foundation that I now have in Environmental Engineering , I feel that this is the right time for me to have a broader approach towards treatment of Industrial wastewater . I aspire to develop a Joint treatment of Industrial and Domestic wastewater with the usages of Advanced wastewater treatment methods .

I feel that undergraduate study is only a preliminary ground of preparation for acquiring knowledge of such a vast subject . Graduate study is what would enable me to build on this foundation through focused study. Moreover , I feel that the firsthand experience of research that one gains during graduate study is necessary for the transformation of an enthusiastic undergraduate to an active researcher . I strongly believe that my drive , motivation and hard-working nature supplemented with my abilities to perform dedicated research work will be useful tools in helping me realize my dreams .

I strongly aspire to further my research into a Ph.D. Degree . Also , I see my career as one that will play a definite role in tackling various challenges facing Environmental Engineers . For the above reasons , I feel that a faculty position involving research and teaching is ideal for me .

When I had to choose the right place for my graduate study , University of East Anglia attracted my attention because of the excellent reputation of its Environmental Engineering program . I feel that the wide range of well equipped research centers and facilities at your university will definitely provide the stimulating environment that I am looking for . The eminent list of faculty members who are doing considerable research in my areas of interest has spurred me on to become a part of your distinguished team and have all given a fillip to my goal of pursuing my studies at university . The impeccable academic reputation , diversity and ambience , I am sure would make me feel at home .

This is not the end of my statement . This is just its beginning . I am determined to succeed . I ought to thank my friend for providing the inspiration to put up a poster of my own on my cupboard , with a slight addition to suit my interests more. It reads:

" I can, and I will. "

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