Pulse [Characteristics of Normal Pulse], Factors For Maintaining B.P.

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Pulse :- Pulse is an alternate expansion and recoil or rise and fall of an artery as the wave of blood is forced through it during the contraction of the left ventricle.
Characteristics of Pulse :-

1. Rate :- Rate is the number of pulse beats in a minute. The normal rate in the resting adult is 60 to 100 per minute. A pulse rate over 100 per minutes is referred to be tachycardia. A pulse rate below 60 per minute in an adult is referred to be bradycardia.

2. Rhythm :- Rhythm refers to the regularity of beats. Normally the heart beats are spaced at equal irregularity is present, the pulse should be counted for one full minute.

3. Volume :- Volume refers to the fullness of the artery. It is the force of the alone felt and each beat. Volume depends upon the amount of blood in the arteries. If the arteries contain a normal volume of blood, the pulse is said to be full or large in volume. If the volume of the blood is decreased as by heamorrhage, the pulse will be weak, thready, small, feeble or flickering. When the pulse is large or full and also orapid in rate. It may be described as bounding pulse.

4. Tension :- Tension is the degree of compressibility. It is said to be high tension when the artery is difficult to compress and low tension when it is easy to compress.
Factors Which are Responsible For Maintaining B.P. (Blood Pressure) :-

1. Environmental Conditions :- Optimum temperature of environment is necessary.

2. Mental Status :- Life stresses must be met with intelligence.

3. Diet :- A well balanced diet is necessary. An overweight person is prone to high blood pressure so a low-cholestrol, low-fat high calorie diet must be taken.

4. Hormones :- Changes in hormonal level can bring fluctuations in B.P. or Blood Pressure. Adrenaline increase can cause increase in B.P. or Blood Pressure.

5. Rest & Sleep :- Adequate rest and sleep are essentials for maintenance of B.P. or Blood Pressure.

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