Moral Values are today Deteriorating

Man now seeks Divine help to overcome his weakness. Lack of religious consciousness followed by antisocial activities has changed human nature.


"Man by his constitution is a religious animal" said Edmund Burke. He is by nature weak and incomplete, and hence seeks divine help to overcome this inherent weakness.

He thus embraces religion to follow a path of self improvement, and worships God in the hope of getting peace in life, and salvation after death. In a sense, religion is the love and fear of God.

Its root is faith and home is the conscience. Unfortunately for us the moral values that are an integral part of any religion, are rapidly deteriorating, making us religious only for namesake.

We follow religious customs, as a matter of routine, a ritual, without imbibing or assimilating its virtues in our lives. We turn to religion, or the almighty God, only when we are faced with difficulties, and uncertainties in life.

Moral Values

Thus a student appearing for an examination, prays to God, and seeks his blessings to perform well in the examination, or to succeed in an interview. He even offers inducements, in the form of 'prasads' to succeed.

Others turn to God, when they are in pain, or are facing anxious moments because of ill health or tension. Thus religion, that basically teaches us to lead a pious life, has been reduced to satisfying our need, or for emotional security only.

The reason for this is the highly materialistic nature of modern society. In our haste to acquire the mental comforts of life, we have obviated the basic tenents of religion, that is morality.

We speak half truth, or untruth, for the sake of winning an argument, a contract or an order. Thus a sales man or a politician, resorts to making tall promises, in the hope of bagging an order, or a crucial vote.

Rate of Moral Values

A company makes misleading advertisements, to catch and hold the attention of the target audience. It is another matter that their products belie the claim. Worst still are dubious companies, selling spurious products, for making a quick buck, putting the lives of the innocent millions in peril?

Corruption has now become a cancer for the society, and is eating into its vitals. It is no longer a matter of shame, to be accused of corrupt practises. On the contrary, such people are held in awe, and rewarded for their ingenuity.

The virtues of humility, love and compassion, have been replaced with crass hypocrisy, haughtiness and contemptuous behaviour towards people. This is done deliberately, to promote an artificial image in the eyes of the public.

Even ordinary officials, and small politicians, strut about in self-assumed importance. This hypocrisy is in turn affecting the youth, who are emulating their peers, and indulging in lies and chicanery, to show off their ill gotten possessions.

The jealousy, resentment and competition, that it triggers leads students with meager means, to steal scooters, cars and sell them, to keep up with the Jones. They are often found to indulge in other antisocial activities, like drug peddling, smuggling to finance their flamboyant lifestyle.

Their wayward behaviour, often leads to crimes, like extortion, kidnapping and even murder. It is the extreme depravity to which our moral values have degenerated, when we find people being murdered for small pecuniary gains.

These acts are unpardonable in any religion. Nevertheless, people with such moral depravity, cannot be said to be unreligious.

On the contrary, most of these people are religious in their daily routine, like offering daily prayers, worshipping at temples, and even engaging in philanthropic activities, like giving charities or donation to religious bodies.

Their religion behaviour is a facade to hide their evil deeds, in the mistaken belief of atoning for their criminal, or immoral activities. The more enterprising among them, use religion to promote their personal or political interests.

Thus we see that our moral values have deteriorated to such an extent, that we are ready to exploit religion to serve our vested interests. We therefore find politicians, playing on the religious sensibilities of the people, for garnering more votes and consequently more power and clout.

This contradictions in our psyche, is being effectively exploited by politicians, to sow seeds of discord, leading to communal strife.

Charles Colton sums up this dilemma when he said, "Men will wrangle for religion; write for it; fight for it; anything but- live for it". Religion is something more sublime and spiritual, than we make it to be.

No religion preaches untruth, hypocrisy, dishonesty, violence and disharmony. The erosion of moral values that we see around us, is because we do not understand our religion, and the good it stands for.

We cannot wear religion on our sleeves, to be used only at will. We must be religious in the real sense of the word, to be happy, and at peace with ourselves.



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