Global warming and environmental changes in india

This article speaks on some facts on global warming, and the effects caused by it on India.

We all know global warming is the biggest threat to 3rd world countries. It's not only India which is effected by this, it's the whole world which is facing this problem.

So let's firs discuss cause for this then we will discuss what are the effects caused by it and then finally how can we help in this.

The major cause for global warming is emission of green house gases( like Co2, Methane, Nitrous oxide etc..) in the environment.
These gases trap heat and the harmful rays present in sunlight in our atmosphere and hence resulting in increase of the temperature.
These gases have different capacity to trap the heat, some of the green house gases have more capability than co2. Methane can trap more heat than that by Carbon dioxide, while nitrous oxide can trap heat around hundred times more than CO2.
There is one more gas which causes Global warming that's chlorofluorocarbons( which was earlier used in freezers earlier, but now many countries have stopped it). It also depletes
ozone layer causing passage of many harmful radiations by sun to earth's atmosphere, which created skin cancers.

Another main cause of global warming is deforestation. Since now a days most of the forests are being cut down and are getting converted into cities or industrial areas.
Which is decreasing the number of trees, which earlier used to consume CO2.

Main contributors for increase in CO2 are factories, consumption of fossil fuels in motor vehicles, and thermal plants.

1. Rise in Temperature: This is the main effect caused by Global warming. In past few years mean temperature of earth has increased by a significant amount.
2. Melting of polar Ice: This rise in temperature has caused the polar ice melting. Not only that our Himalayan Ice is also getting melted and which may even cause Gangas and many such rivers to disappear in near future, within few decades.
This ice melting in polar region has caused increase in sea level and will definitely result in further rise in sea level and which will engulf low lying countries and islands. By this even India will also get effected leading to getting Lakshdweep and Andaman Nicobar islands underwater.
3. Effected Animal Kingdom: This rise in temperature has changed animal life also. They are loosing their natural habitat. The good example for this is polar beers being disappeared.
4. New diseases: Global warming has caused many new diseases too. In warmer atmosphere bacterias and viruses can multiply faster and do not die easily.
5. Effect in seasons: now summer comes very early in comparison to earlier time. Rain amount has also decreased. Summers are longer now than winter. Global warming has change the season very inadvertently. Now in some of the places are affected by drought and some by flood. So not a uniform distribution of rain.
6. Effect in Crops: Many crops like groundnuts, rice etc. need a lot of water, and because of low rain they are not getting produced in proper amount. And we can see decrease in amount of crops being produced.

All of these effects are related to each other in a way or other. Cutting of trees and loss of forest, increased civilization, frequent use of vehicles, Production of electricity all are interrelated.
Rain is affected by cutting of forest, variation in rain affects crop production and so on.

since we can not avoid global warming fully, but still we can take a step toward this by planting Trees, raising the voice over loss of forest, proper filtration of gases by factories, avoiding use of private vehicles.We need to recycle the mobiles and avoid use of plastics.

Everyone can help in fighting against global warming. Many efforts are being made by various nations to cut down the rate of global warming. Kyoto agreement is one of the such kind of effort that has been made between various nations to reduce the emissions of various green house gases.

Plant Tress and GO GREEN!!!


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