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questions on numbers

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1.Find the number of factors that the number 2025 has.
a)12 b)13 c)15 d)14
2.In how many ways can 14630 be writen as the product of two factors
a)14 b)15 c)23 d)16
3.Find the largest 3 digit multiple of 28.
a)980 b)987 c)986 d)578
4.Find the smallest number which when divided by 4 or 7 leaves a
remainder of 3 in each case and the number being greater than the
two divisors
a)30 b)76 C)21 d)31
5.Find the largest four digit number which when divided by 5 and 9
gives remainders of 3 and 7 respectively
a)8899 b)9988 c)9898 d)8989
6.Find the smallest number which when divided by 7 leaves a remainder
of 6 and when divided by 11 leaves a remainder of 8
a)40 b)20 c)59 d)41
7.Find the remainder of the division 3^42/4
a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3
8.Which of the following is divisible by 19?
a)614120 b)860472 c)921194 d)998777
9.What should be added to 475935 so that it becomes a multiple of 11?
a)2 b)3 c)7 d)8
10.What should be subracted from 478185 so that it becomes a multiple
of 19?
a)7 b)8 c)10 d)12
11.There are some sweets with me.If i distribute them equally among 10,
16 or 20 children,i would be left with one sweet in each case.If i
distribute the sweets equally among 20 children,I do not have any
sweets left with me.How many sweets do i have?
a)92 b)115 c)150 d)161
12.What is the largest number which,divides 288,528 and 708, and leave
the same remainder in each case?
a)30 b)60 c)75 d)150
13.What is the smallest five digit number which when divided by 7,11 and
21 leaves a reminder of 5 in each case?
a)10164 b)10169 c)10118 d)10123
14.From a certain city,buses start for four different places every 15,20,
25 and 30 minutes starting from 8 a.m.At what time,for the first time
after 8 a.m. would all the buses start together again?
a)10 a.m b)12 noon c)1 p.m d)2 p.m
15.A number when divided by 928 leaves a reminder 244.What would be the
reminder when the number is divided by 58?
a)8 b)12 c)17 d)23
16.When a three digit number is divided by 64484 and 62767,the remainder
is the same in both the cases.What is the remainder?
a)101 b)458 c)757 d)cannot be determined
17.if x+1/x = 4 , find the value of x^4-1/x^4(x>1)
a)112 b)112sqrt3 c)224 d)none of these
18.Which of the following is a perfect square?
a)20,734 b)61,504 c)71,295 d)77,286
19.How many digits are there in the smallest number containing all 9's
which is divisible by 13?
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)8
20.If the number 7448x24y is divisible by 72,find the value of x-y given
x not equal to y
a)5 b)7 c)8 d)none of these
21.The difference of a four digit number and any number formed by permutin
its digits would always be divisible by
a)18 b)11 c)10 d)9
22.Find a number such that it exceeds 18 by three times the number by which
it is less than 86
a)32 b)69 c)54 d)67
23.Find the smallest number,which when divided by 31 leaves as remainder 7
and when divided by 25 leaves a remainder 6
a)106 b)81 c)131 d)162
24.Find the greatest number with which when 565,847 and 1551 are divided,
the respective remainders are 5,7 and 11
a)70 b)140 c)170 d)210
25.Find the remainder when 3^50 is divided by 11
a)1 b)6 c)7 d)cannot be determined
26.Find the smallest number which when increased by 5 is divisible by 36,
108,126 and 198
a)4422 b)8311 c)7764 d)6867
27.What is the minimum number of identical square tiles required to cover
a floor of dimensions 3 m 78 cm by 4 m 80 cm
a)3200 b)5040 c)7600 d)8100
28.The HCF and LCM of a pair of numbers are 11 and 1001 resp.Find the smaller
of the two numbers given that their sum is 220
a)11 b)33 c)55 d)77
29.Find the greatest power of 20,which can divide 200!
a)10 b)49 c)98 d)104
30.Find the number of factors of the number 46200
a)64 b)78 c)96 d)106
31.Find the highest power of 5 contained in 250!
a)50 b)62 c)78 d)84
32.Find the largest five digit number which when divided by 8 leaves remainder 3
and when divided by 7 leaves remainder 1?
a)99948 b)99953 c)99960 d)99947
33.When the numbers 5,7 and 11 divide a multiple of 17,the remainders left are
,respectively,4,6 and 10.Which multiple of 17 gives the least number that
satisfies the given condition?
a)384 b)317 c)385 d)none of these
34.How many times the HCF , of the fractions 3/14,6/35 and 16/21 is their LCM?
a)1440 b)144 c)210 d)48
35.What is the maximum number of ways in which the number 11025 can be expressed
as the product of a pair of co prime factors
a)1 b)2 c)4 d)8
36.What is the number of different ways in which the number 784 can be expressed
as a product of the two different factors?
a)8 b)7 c)2 d)none of these
37.What is the sum of all the coprimes of 24,which are less than 24?
a)96 b)72 c)52 d)144
38.How many co prime of 53 are there between 29 and 41,including the two numbers?
a)23 b)13 c)36 d)none of these
39.What is the HCF of the numbers represented by n(n^2 + 20), n being an even
a)16 b)12 c)8 d)48
40.When a three digit number is divided by 64484 and 62767,the remainder
is the same in both the cases.What is the remainder?
a)101 b)458 c)757 d)cannot be determined

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Responses to "questions on numbers"
Author: mark richards    11 Mar 2008Member Level: Silver   Points : 3
cool test but i have a question for you.

A bus carried a total of 15 people at a time to a specific destination. if the bus made 6 trips, how many people from the bus were on the tour?

a)84 b)85 c)90

Author: Deepu    11 Mar 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Hi this is deepu,
I think the answer is obviously 84.Is that correct.

Author: mark richards    12 Mar 2008Member Level: Silver   Points : 2
nope the answer is 85. okay there are 15 people on the bus.14 student and the the bus makes 6 trips.that means 14 x 6= 84 plus the bus driver so it 85.nice guess though

Author: Deepu    14 Mar 2008Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
thats fine.


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