India's Role to Reduce Global Warming

Global Warming, the biggest threat of the present and future. Ignoring remedial measures against global warming today can put a question mark for our survival in future.


Introduction to Global Warming:

A dirty, messed up room is hotter than a clean room. That is all the concept of Global Warming. Consider this room as our nation (India) that is environmentally messed up (Global Warming) and we have to clean it to make it good to live in.

Global warming, as the name suggests is a global concept and that too of sincere and immediate concern towards its control and reduction. Every hour, every day and every year, global warming is slowly and gradually engulfing the planet earth in its furnace.

India being the second most populated country and 7th largest (area-wise) in the world has contributed a major percentage to this so called 'Global Warming' and hence can contribute a lot towards its control as the situation has got out of control presently. It is high time now that Indian government is required to give grave concern to curb global warming.

What India can do to halt the surge in Global Warming?

1. Individual Awareness in India About Global Warming:

Each and every Indian should be informed about the disastrous consequences of the growing global warming so that they realize the need of the hour. General awareness advertisements should be given on televisions and transmitters about how we can reduce the rising global warming in India as well as in the world. The idea is that the information should reach the masses because global warming is not a concept that can be done away with money or any super power; instead it requires each and every individual's awareness.

2. Implementation of Tall and Filtered Chimneys of Factories in India to Reduce Global Warming:

India has thousands of factories adding bulk of smoke in the air every day. Though the govt. has set some standards to these factories but we hardly see factories abiding these rules. Indian govt. needs to be stricter as far as factories are concerned. Tall and filtered chimneys should be used by the factories for the smoke outlet.

3. Lessen Deforestation and Increase Afforestation in India to Reduce Global Warming:

Trees can be regarded as the medicine to reduce the growing global warming. Indian govt. should completely ban the setting up of buildings and other infrastructures in the regions which require mass axing of trees. It is the trees which absorb all the harmful content of the air and make it pure. Moreover, each and every Indian family should initiate growing plants and trees in the premises of their house. Growing of more trees in India will surely help curbing with this global warming.

4. Replace Plastic by Jute Bags in India to Reduce Global Warming:

Plastic as we all know is such a material that takes millions of years to get decomposed completely. Though cheap but harmful and a major contributor in global warming. Plastic bags should be completely banned in India; instead jute bags should be circulated in the market. Himachal Pradesh govt. has taken this initiative to use jute bags and say no to plastic bags. To fight against global warming in India, it requires such small initiatives in large scale.

If India becomes responsible enough towards its role in curbing global warming, it will matter a lot to the world. Likewise, if every other nation takes appropriate measures to reduce global warming, our planet earth will start recuperating.

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