Hair Removing Methods

The article discusses about several hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, bleaching, laser with their pros and cons.

With so many hair removal options available in the market, have you been wondering which is good, which is economical yet effective and many more such confusions? We will try to explore all these methods in this article.

Shaving is the easiest way of hair removal. Also being the most economical from all the methods, it is best when used only in urgent situations. Shaving should be best left for men shaving their beards. Women should shave only hair removing needs to be need urgently and there is no time for other methods. Shaving does not remove the hair from roots and causes re-growth in 1-3 days. Frequent shaving can cause skin irritation, black skin and more thick and coarse hairs. In case of skin irritation, apply 1% hydrocortisone cream. When shaving, always shave in the same direction. Shaving in different direction causes hair to grow in different directions.

Hair Removal creams and Depilatories can be preferred over shaving, but almost has the same pros and cons as shaving. Avoid using these on face.

Waxing and Threading is one of the preferred methods for hair removal. Waxing pulls the hair out from the roots and is better than the above mentioned methods. Re-growth of hair generally is between 10-15 days. Frequent waxing over a time results in reduction in hair and delay in hair growth. Waxing is a bit painful, though the pain becomes quite tolerable with frequent waxing. One session may cost approximately Rs.100 for waxing of both hands and may vary for different body areas. Waxing may cost slight itching and redness, in which case apply a good moisturizer.

Plucking is feasible and good for small number of hair strands.

Bleaching is used to make your hair color lighter and is good if you have less and thin hair. Bleaching may cause some burning sensation. Cost of bleaching may come around Rs.50 if you buy it from locals and do it a home. (Follow instructions on label or take assistance if you are doing the first time at home). You can even get it done at beauty salons.

Laser hair removal is the most effective and efficient method so far for permanent hair removal. Current is passed using a laser gun into hair follicles burning and destroying the roots of the hair and preventing them to grow back. The sessions are somewhat painful as the current is passed into your skin. Laser results in 70-90% reduction in hairs. It is most effective for dark and coarse hairs and on medium to dark skin tone. Multiple laser sittings may be required depending on the density of hair. Laser treatment is expensive and may cost around Rs. 1000 just for upper lips. Cost may vary depending on the area on which laser is taken. Laser treatment should be done by a licensed practitioner. Redness and burning may still sustain after the session for which rub ice cubes on the treated area.

There are creams and lotions available to slow down hair growth. It is called Vaniqa and is a prescription cream that you can apply to the affected skin on your face and chin. It may start to work as soon as 4 to 8 weeks after you begin treatment. Side effects include skin irritation, rash and a stinging sensation. You can use this combined with your waxing or laser treatment with your doctors advice.

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