Tips for Keeping House Clean and Beautiful

This article expains how to keep the house clean and beautiful. It is discussed for every room here.

Keeping the home beautiful is equally important with keeping the face beautiful. There are methods to keep the rooms of the house beautiful. It is called "Inside room decoration". This inside room decoration can make even the small house beautiful. Happiness will stay permanently with the beautiful is our older generation's word.

Simple tips for keeping the house beautiful

Tips for keeping the door clean

The place which is the entering gate of the house should be clean. This place should be with sun light and the daily using objects like slipper, broom stick must be at this place. Keeping separate stand for the slippers and the cleaning materials like broom stick will make the door of the house beautiful. A separate box can be used for keeping the foot wears that are used rarely.


Tips for keeping the hall clean

This room is usually used for receiving the guests coming to the house. So, this room should be ventilated enough. The furniture like sofa, chairs should be arranged as good as the guests talking face to face. This furniture can be kept at a corner of the hall. The remaining space of the hall can be decorated with the rare decorative things. The windows of the hall can be covered with screens and curtains with attractive colors that are matching the wall color of the hall. The photos of the family members can be hung around the wall of the hall.

Tips for keeping the bed room attractive

The wall of the bed room should be colored with the eye cooling colors because this room will be used at the relaxing time. The lambs used in this room should be with dim color to give good atmosphere for sleeping. Red, orange and yellow colors should be avoided when selecting the color of the lambs. The bed should be very close to the wall without leaving gap between the wall and the bed. The head part of the bed should be higher than the tail end of the bed. Head part of the bed should not be placed directly below the beam of the ceiling of the room.

Tips for reducing the Electromagnetic power in the bed room

The electromagnetic power has the capacity of disturbing the sleep.

1.Avoid electrical equipments like TV, Computer, and Refrigerator from the bed room.

2.Avoid using extension cart near or below the bed.

3.Avoid the metal handled lambs in the bed room.

4.Avoid using mobile phones in the bed room for long time.

5.Don't place mobile phones near while sleeping.

These things will get us away from the harmful electromagnetic power.

How to keep the children room beautiful

There are lots of things to be followed for keeping this room clean as these are used by the naughty children.

1.The things used in this room can be with multiple colors instead of the same simple color. The dark colors can be avoided in the multiple colors.

2.Maintaining calm is essential for this room because the continuous loud noises and the unequal frequency sounds will disturb the sleeping children easily.

3.The rubbishes should not be in this room and the things used in this room should be cleaned as soon as possible. Remove the unwanted things from the room instantly.

4.Keep an eye below the bed of the child and the place where the playing things of the child.

5.The toilet must be away from the bed.

6.Help the children to study by placing the studying table with table lamp.
7.Color the wall with the color liked by the children most.

8.Avoid using plain white color. It will make the children getting scared and acting with panic. Replace the wall color with sandal or violate or light green.

9.Avoid placing the pictures of the wild animals which will stimulate the violence in the children's mind.

10.Use the game equipments that are made with high quality plastics.

How a neat kitchen should be?

Kitchen is the place expressing the wealth and health of our family. This room should be at the back side of the building. The health of the family members will be affected by the smoke exhausted from the kitchen if the kitchen is placed at the front portion of the house.


Tips for maintaining clean bath room and toilet

These rooms should be compact and well equipped with lot of facilities. The used soaps, shampoos and other cosmetic objects should be removed from the bath room. The door of these rooms should be close always.

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