Should India invest money on space research?

This is an small article for Money investment on space research. Some views are made in this article.

Should India invest money on space research?
Should India invest on space research or should fulfill basic needs??
Should poverty and problems like corruption be solved first than to invest billions in research?
India should invest money on Space research.. It is not luxury..It is also a part of basic need.
Space technology only brought the latest advancements such as TVs, Cell phones, Internet, Information Technology closer to the common man.
Space technology enhanced the information processing levels to the extent to avoid much natural disaster.
Technology by its nature does not have any thing right or wrong but its master has all the credits for its utilization to be frank we don't require Chandrayan missions to make us proud, when lakhs of people are starving
For Technological development there should be space programs like satellites 4 telecomm. etc
but at present as far as India's position is concerned, even I don't support the Chandrayan -1 mission.
For research purposes there should be a joint efforts .like EU NASA ISRO etc. coming together,by sharing research data etc which can save a significant amount of money and time.

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