Solver Minds Interview

My First successful interview.

Before I start I would like to say that this interview is not a first one for me. I have been attending interviews for past one year. In the beginning I found it difficult to clear written exam itself. Then I started preparing well and cleared written end technical. Due to lack of communication and soft skills I got eliminated in HR Rounds in the last few interviews. I would like to share my Successful interview experience with you all.

I was called to attend the written test of Solver Minds Solutions and Technology Private limited. It is a software company doing ERP, BI projects for shipping industries. The written test consists of 15 aptitude and 15 java technical questions.

SECTION-A: Aptitude

1. How can you distribute 100 paisa coin so that the sum of coins will be 50? There should be no 2 paisa coins?

Answer: 40 no of 1 paisa and 10 no of 6 paisa.

2. ABCE is an isosceles trapezoid and ACDE is a rectangle. AB = 10 and EC = 20.
What is the length of AE?

Answer: 10.

3. A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hrs and 18 kms downstream in 4 hrs.
Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current?

Answer: 7/12 kmph

4. A number of cats got together and decided to kill between them 999919 mice.
Every cat killed an equal number of mice.
Each cat killed more mice than there were cats.
How many cats do you think there were ?

Answer: 991

5. Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product 1728\

Answer: 8

6. Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the
Same in 40 mins.If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank

Answer: 17 1/7

7. If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x?
Answer: 8

8. If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=?

Answer: 12

9. Which is the correct word?
Desertion decertion disccertion dissertion

Answer: Desertion

10. Mr. Shah decided to walk down the escalator of a tube station. He found that
If he walks down 26 steps, he requires 30 seconds to reach the bottom. However,
If he steps down 34 stairs he would only require 18 seconds to get to the
Bottom. If the time is measured from the moment the top step begins to
Descend to the time he steps off the last step at the bottom, find out the height
Of the stair way in steps?

Answer: 46 steps.

11. In the given figure, PA and PB are tangents to the circle at A and B
Respectively and the chord BC is parallel to tangent PA. If AC = 6 cm,
And length of the tangent AP is 9 cm, and then what is the length of the
Chord BC?

Answer: BC = 4 cm

Some more questions are from men and work Sorry I forgot it.

In these question most of them are present in ISC itself. Thanks for the post.


1. --------------------- is invoked when object is created for a class

Answer: Constructors.

2. When Garbage Collection is Done in Java?

3. What is the default layout in java?

4. Where is the WAR file is to be stored.

5. Fifth and 6th are programs. Sorry I didn't remember.

That much I can recollect in the technical Written.

They told that written test results will be announced in the evening and the candidates who got selected will be called in the evening. The next three level of interview will be conducted on Monday as the written test was conducted on Friday.

I done the technical section well and had the hope that I will clear written if they consider technical knowledge. My hope came true in the evening. I got the call that I was short listed in the written test and have to attend second round which is fully technical on Monday.

As it is Saturday and Sunday I prepared well in Core Java and Some what in JSP, Servlet and EJB.

On Monday I was asked to be there at 10.00 AM. I went there by 9.50 A.M. I have been waiting in the reception still 11.00 A.M as those people where busy with some training program in their concern. At 11.15 the Hr came and collected our resume and said that all the interview panel where in conducting interviews for other positions. So she asked us to wait.

In 5 minutes the first person was called in. In another 5 minutes the second person was called in another panel. Nearly 1 hour it went neither of them came out . Before Lunch they called only 3 guys. And they asked others to leave now and come at 2.30 PM after having lunch.

At 3.15 I was called in

INTERVIEWER: Please take you Seat.

ME: Good Afternoon Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: Good Afternoon (she didn't asked any other questions and directly started Technical Questions). What is mean by class?

ME: Class is the structure and Behaviour of objects or Set of Objects. Class is a logical Constrain. Memory is not allocated to Classes.

INTERVIEWER: How can you access the class?

ME: By creating Objects to the class

INTERVIEWER: What are the Access Specifiers?

ME: Public, Protected, Private,

INTERVIEWER: What is inheritance?

ME: Inheriting the characteristics of base class to derived class. Like Fathers Behaviour is inherited to child

INTERVIEWER: Difference between Final, Finally and Finalize?

ME: Finally is the block used with exception handling. The code provided in the finally block is need to be executed compulsory in spite of exception caught or not. Final is a keyword declared with variables, class and methods. Final variable act as Constant, Final class cannot be inherited, Final method cannot be overridden. Finalize is the method called when object memory is need to be de allocated.

INTERVIEWER: What is Abstract class?

ME: The class is to be declared with abstract keyword. At least on of the Function is to be declared abstract 1.e the method is to be declared and do not contain any definition. We cannot create object for abstract class. This class is to inherited in some other classes and the methods are to be overridden to have the definition.

INTERVIEWER: What are the Difference between String and Sting Buffer?

ME: String is immutable and String Buffer is Mutable. I explained it with a Example in the sheet provided to me.

INTERVIEWER: What are the Difference between Servlet and JSP? (My toughest part Started)

ME: When come to coding Part, In Servlet we need to have HTML Tags in JAVA Coding and In JSP the Java coding are need to be embedded in HTML Tags. For providing large amount of Dynamic content we can go for Servlet, if we consider presentation the more important then we can use JSP. In Translation Page the Tags are converted to Servlet. (That much I know about it. Thank god she didn't ask me write code in JSP).

INTERVIEWER: Various Stages of Thread lifecycle?

ME: New, Runnable, Running, Blocked, Dead.

INTERVIEWER: What is the Life Cycle of Servlet?

ME: initialization, Service, Destroy.

INTERVIEWER: What are the Difference between DoGet and DoPost?

ME: Using DoGet () we can request for resources like images or a html string. The Request sent is append to the URL you are providing. The characters can be sent in limited. In DoPost () the Messages are sent along with Message body and not appended to the URL. Some more Points.

INTERVIEWER: What is array list and how you add element in array list?

ME: The Array List class extends Abstract List and implements the List interface. Array List supports dynamic arrays that can grow as needed. Add () is used to add elements to arrays.

INTERVIEWER: What is iterator?

ME: Sorry madam I don't know.

INTERVIEWER: Difference between hash map and hash set?

ME: Hash Set extends Abstract Set and implements the Set interface. It creates a collection that uses a hash table for storage. The advantage of hashing is that it allows the execution time of basic operations, such as add ( ), contains ( ), remove ( ), and
Size ( ), to remain constant even for large sets. The Hash Map class uses a hash table to implement the Map interface. This allows the execution time of basic operations, such as get ( ) and put ( ), to remain constant even for Large sets.

Actually I just told what I knew. This is not the difference


ME: EJB are the server side Components that specifies the building enterprise level, distributed application in java.

INTERVIEWER: What are types of EJB tell me some thing about the Types.

ME: Session Beans, Entity Beans, Message Driven Beans, Told its types and explained it.

INTERVIEWER: Difference between Stateless and Stateful Session Beans?

ME: Stateless bean does not preserve the state of client across various method calls, State full preserve the state of client across various method call and explained this with some example

INTERVIEWER: Asked to write SQL Quires for SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE

ME: I did it in the paper.

She also asked some other questions. Even though I answered most of the question I am not confident I get selected because I answered the questions very fast flow of speech. She told Ok you can go. We will call back latter, After hearing this I lost my little bit confidence because those who cleared second round were asked to wait for third round in the spot it self. So I left the area immediately.

As home is near by I reached home. In a ten minutes I got a call from the Company and asked me why I left immediately, you have to attend the third round as you cleared the first round. I was happy and also tensed that I did some wrong things in my tension, that I should not been left that place immediately. I asked sorry to him in phone and told that I will be there in 10 min and reached to the company on time.

At 4.30 I was called for third round. This time a man came to interview me.

INTERVIWER: Tell me your self.

ME: told about myself , my education, strength and weakness, hobbies


ME: Said everything about EJB

INTERVIWER: What is Stateful Session Bean

ME: said

INTERVIWER: Asked about my academic project and my role

I explained him and told my roles. Then he asked to writing coding to find the given number in prime number or not, then another program to reverse a string. I did the program correctly and there were few mistakes he told the wrong and I asked sorry and told the solution to the wrong lines. Then he asked me to wait for the HR Interview. After Some time I was told to attend HR interview on the next day morning at 11.00AM

Tuesday 11.00 AM

I reached the spot ten minutes before the specified time. I was called inside at 12.05 PM. HR was lady of medium age. She talked very softly. She had my written test results and interview performance score. She told that I have taken less score in aptitude section and good score in Technical section.

HR: How was your technical interview and how you did?

ME: I feel good on my performance and told interview was cool

HR: Tell me about your self, your family and then education

ME: I told everything in order she asked.

HR: What is your great achievement?

ME: I feel getting this professional degree in engineering field as achievement and said the valid points.

HR: Well. At which time of taking decision you felt difficult?

ME: I felt difficult to take a decision whether to join PG or to wait for a right job after completing my UG. And at last I decided to search and join in a good job. Because getting trained is more than getting educated (3 idiots).

HR: Not Fair. What to you know about this company?

ME: I come to know about this Company when I was called(by niit) to take written test. I went through your website and came to know ,this company is…………………………… what I recollected at that time I told

HR: Good. And told the various terms and conditions about their company and responsibility of the trainee programmer (post for which I am attending interview).Any more Question?

ME: What kind of mentality do you expect from a trainee programmer?

HR: We expect persons who must be dedicated to wards there work. Should not misuse the privileges given to them like(Internet, Mobile) during working hours.

HR: Any more queries?

ME: No mam.

HR: K ma. We will mail you or make you call if you got selected. Thank you.

ME: thank you mam.

I got the offer letter in mail after two days I had my interview.


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