How to solve Reading Comprehension?

Every verbal section of competitive exams contains Reading Comprehension/Unseen Passages. The passages are rarely seen or read, because these passages are from some magazines, newspapers, written by articles writers, etc. It contain about 4-5 paragraphs, may be 8-9 paragraphs. It needs to read clearly, speedily and accurately. Reading Comprehensions may contain the topic about science, social, politics, general, financial, etc. It contains about 5-9 questions to answer and some antonyms and synonyms based on the passage having some bold words. So, to give answer of those questions doesn't need you to be expertise in the either field, just you have to read out the passage with meaningfully and mark the important sentences, phrases, etc. I am providing some points to solve Reading Comprehension, may it help you.

How to solve Reading Comprehension?

1. Questions at last : Leave the questions to answer it last, because antonyms and synonyms take a second to solve and questions take a minutes (approx.). Hence, read the passage and quickly jump to the short answered questions, like antonyms, synonyms, to give title of passage, etc.

2. Passage with familiar subject : If you are familiar to any passage related to your knowledge and your academics, then quickly read out that one and solve the following questions of that passage. It will take less time and you'll be accurate.

3. First passage and then questions : I have heard that many participants do it wrong that they read the questions first and then they read the full passage to figure out the answer. May be it takes less time, but you'll not be accurate to give answer. So, firstly read the passage two times and then answer the questions.

4. Learn to spot : By the time you are reading the passage, figure out the tone/idea/inference/situation of the passage, it will help to find the answer, quickly. Better to use your pencil to underline the specific sentences and phrases/words.

5. Main Idea: There is always a question about the main idea of the passage. Then look at the starting and end of the passage and try to summarize the paragraph to get the main idea of the passage. It will ask about the main idea of that passage.

6. Title of the passage : When it is asked that to give a suitable title of the passage then watch out for choices that are too specific or broad. Sometimes the title is already given in the first paragraph of the passage. Use the narrow approach to find out the title. Don't think beyond the passage.

7. Determining Questions : Some passage contains the questions about attitude, mood, tone, etc. of the passage. Then look for words that convey emotion, values and expressions. I think its not hard question to give the answer, because any passage can't be concluded by emotions, moods, values, etc.

8. Specific Detail Question : May there be a question about to give specific detail of the passage then spot some keywords in the question and look out for those in the passage and may be those words are in the form of synonym or antonym.

9. Make inference: This is quite different from the inference, it asks the direct and indirect implication of the passage in terms of the author concern. But don't take, which is directly stated by the author, better to study the passage and answer in your own words. Use your logical thinking as an author of that passage.

10. Put yourself : Put yourself in place of author and think, your can apply your ideas according to the passage in the new situation. You have to find out three things from the passage, first reason, second perceive feelings and third sense a larger structure.

11. Unfamiliar words : For this your have to be very keen about the passage saying. Your vocabulary will be tested here. There are many unfamiliar words you will find in a passage, for that you have to look out for the meaning by searching the nearby clues.

12. Technical Terms : Familiarize yourself with the technical terms used in describing the passage. Some passages are from science background, so be logical in thinking and organize and understand what author is saying. May be it will be a difficult question.

Thus, now a day of competition, every competitive exam such as Bank PO, RRB, LIC, etc. contains the Reading Comprehension passage. You have to be preparing for that. If you prepare well and your vocabulary up to the mark, you will succeed.

All the best!

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I think this is really helpful... Tomorrow I having my English paper and it has Comprehension and I hope to do well..with your advice

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