Importance of Communication Skills

This article describes about the importance of Communication skills in personal as well as professional life.

Communication Skills play an important role in today's corporate world. In all the fields your way of communication can help you boost your career.
We should know how to communicate in different scenarios in office or out of office.

It has been proved by many surveys that communication skill is the most important attribute required for a manager for promotion.

Communication Skills can assist in solving many issues within the organization. A good communicator always has an edge over his colleagues. One can develop and improve communication skills through continuous learning and practice.

You are considered to be a good communicator when you are effectively able to convey your message to the people around you or working with you. Communication also includes the information that you receive from people.

A sender and a receiver are involved in a communication. A message is conveyed by the sender and received by the receiver. However, it all depends on how clearly the message has been sent and understood by the receiver. If not sent properly the receiver can interpret the message wrong and the purpose of sending the message is failed.

Hence a sender and the receiver both need to understand the message in order to make communication to be successful.

When you are able to transfer your message successfully to the receiver you are able to send your thoughts and ideas to the receiver.

To grow in your career you need to be an effective communicator. To communicate effectively you need to be clear of your message, understand your audience, and you should understand how your message would be interpreted by the audience. Other things like culture and different situations should also be taken into consideration.

Points to remember while communicating

1. You should be confident while communicating. The message that you are communicating should be clear to you first. Why and what are you communicating and what kind of audience is, should be clear to you.

2. What are the different channels with which you are communicating, it could be verbal while in a conference room or in a meeting, via telephone or videoconferencing. It could be by way of official mails, official memos or typed hard copies.

3. The more clearly you convey your message or your ideas the audience will be able to understand it clearly. Always get the feedback from the audience. You can also judge from their gestures whether they are comprehending you or not. Watch the reactions of the audience.

4. After conveying the message, analyze the feedback of the audience. This will give you an idea whether the audience has understood your message or not. Try to find out where you defaulted and do not make the same mistake the next time.

5. Whenever you feel and come to know that the message has not been understood properly by the audience, send your message again after the feedback.

6. You will find many barriers in communication which you need to remove while communicating. The message should be short and crisp. If it is too long with so many errors, and unorganized, chances are that it would not be interpreted clearly by the audience.

7. Use of good body language, positive attitude and good vocabulary helps in better understanding for the receiver. If these things are missing they might confuse the message and lead to poor understanding.

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