Goals of Computer Network

They may have a number of computers performing different jobs in different departments of same organization.

There are many organization which use computer for management of various fields. They may have a number of computers performing different jobs in different departments of same organization. They can have many branches of that organization in different cities. Now some times it becomes necessary to load same program files. Software's and some times same data file on all the computers with same information. This wastes time as well as memory space. Starting from the basic needs these computers were connected to each other resulting into a computer network. Various transmission media channels were used to make a network. The main goals of these networks are as follows :

Resource Sharing :
This is the main aim of a computer network. It means to make all programs peripherals and data available to any one computer on the network to all other computers in the network without regard to the physical locations of them. Thus a user at a large distances can share the resources or can see data of a computer in the same way that a local user uses them. Another aspect of resource sharing is load sharing. That is if required, a job can be performed using various computers in network by portioning it which reduces time consumption and load both for a particular computer.

Cost Reduction :
Another goal of networking is reduction of cost. Resource sharing automatically reduces cost and hence money can be saved. One more aspect is that the price of small computers is very less as compared to main frames. Though main frames are roughly ten times faster as compared to micro computers but even then the price to performance ration is much better for small computers as compared to large computers. The large computer cost thousand times more than small computers. Because of this imbalances more powerful personal computers are developed and are able to share data and other resources kept on one or more shared file server machines. Thus one goal of network is to do same job in minimum cost in terms of money when is possible on large computers only which are very expansive.

Communication Medium :
The goal of a computer network is to provide a powerful communication medium among widely separated people. It is easy for two or more people living far apart to work on same project by portioning it using a network. They can make programs, can discuss or can even write a report using a network while they are far off. Some times a change is required in some data file or document. It is done on fine, others can see them immediately which is possible only through network, otherwise they can have to wait for this several days through letter or some other media. Thus it makes speedy co-operations and enhances human to human communication.

Improve Performance :
The goal of a network is to improve accessibility as well as performance of a system. The performance of a computer can be improved by adding one or more processors to it as the work load on it grows. For example if the system is full instead of replacing it buy a larger one at large expansive it is better to add more processors to it on less cost and less disruption to the user. This improve both accessibility as well as performance of a system.


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