Accenture Placement Experience

This article is my experience during the recruitment process of Accenture. After a marathon wait of almost 13 hours, I finally fot placed in this company.

On 14th December 2009, Accenture was visiting our campus. Four companies Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture and TCS were coming on a common platform. Common platform meant that students had to sit for all these companies. If placed in more than one company, depending on which company they get placed, they have an option to select the company they want. The final result was to be declared on 17th December after all the companies' recruitment procedure.

Almost 400 students had gathered at Dnyaneshwar Hall in MIT campus. At 9.30 am, HR people from Accenture gave the presentation. The criteria for sitting for the recruitment procedure were 58% aggregate with no live ATKT. Minimum 60% in HSC and SSC was the other criteria. This enabled many students to sit for the placement. Accenture's brand ambassador was Tiger Woods and during that period, he was involved in a huge controversy regarding extra marital affair. When the slide showing Tiger Woods was shown entire hall broke into laughter.

The selection procedure was very long:
1. Aptitude Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview 1
4. Technical Interview 2
5. HR interview

Aptitude Test:

The duration of the test was 120 minutes. It consisted of 5 sections in all.
1. Aptitude
2. Quantitative
3. Verbal
4. Paragraph
5. Technical.
The exam got over by 1pm and we were given 2 hours time to have lunch and come back. Results were going to be declared at 4pm.
In total 207 students were shortlisted from aptitude test.

Group Discussion:

We were divided into groups of 15 students. We were taken into the conference room. The Accenture HR person came in and told us a few things. He asked us whether he should give us a topic from the list they had or we would like to take up a topic ourselves. We unanimously agreed to discuss on the division of states issue. Mr. Reddy had gone on a hunger strike for the demand of a new state of Telangana. We chose this topic. We were given 15 minutes. I remember a few sentences I had said.

"If the division of the state of Andhra Pradesh takes place, then demand will be made for the division of Maharashtra. People from Vidarbha are demanding a state of Vidarbha. Similarly, other states' division will be demanded. Everyone will start to undergo a hunger strike."

"It depends on the state government to ensure that development packages should reach these undeveloped areas. What happens is that politicians utilize the packages to develop only their region like Western Maharashtra"

After the group discussion, the HR person told the names of the selected candidates. He told the rejected students to leave the room. He then gave us a few tips:
1. Never use Hindi words while speaking. One of the student accidently said 'matlab' a hindi word in between.
2. Always take initiative.
3. Never cut somebody's sentence. Let the other person finish his point.
4. Never increase your voice level. It should be in limits.
5. Never talk very slowly, your point will not get the emphasis required.

After this round, 6 students were selected from our group. I was one of them.

Technical Interview 1

Me: Sir, may I come in?

Interviewer: Yes.
(He asked me for my resume)

Interviewer: Please describe yourself.

Me: > My name is Nikhil Shelke. I am currently studying in MITCOE. I am in my final year of the course Electronics and telecommunication. I love to participate in various activities. My hobby is to travel various forts.

Interviewer: Which forts have you been to?

Me: I have been to forts near Pune like Sinhagad, Torana, Rajgad and Purandar. I have also been to Raigad, Pratapgadh, Murud Janjira, Suvarnadurg, and Vijaydurg. Shaniwarwada is a fort in the city and I visit this place very often.

Interviewer: What is the full form of SQL?

Me:It is Structured Query Language.

Interviewer: Tell me something about SQL. Why is it used?

Me: SQL is basically database management language. Initially it was based upon relational algebra. It was developed by IBM. It is used for data access control, data update and creation.

Interviewer: Being an electronics and telecommunication engineer, how will you cope up with the software coding and software related job requirement in IT company like Accenture?

Me: If placed, I will utilize the time after my exam ends and joining in Accenture. In this time period I will study different languages and make my basics very strong which will make my journey through the training period little simpler.

Interviewer: Why would you like to join Accenture?

Me:Accenture is one of the biggest IT company in the world. A huge learning platform will be available for me and my growth will be based on my performance and no other factors.

Interviewer: Thank you Nikhil. You may leave.

Technical Interview 2:

I was told that my second technical interview was skipped and was directly selected for the HR interview. Some of the people said that if your second interview was not taken, you are already placed. HR interview is just a formality. Many students were selected directly for the HR interview.

HR interview:

Me: May I come in?

Interviewer: Yes. Please come in.

Interviewer: Nikhil, can you name the top 5 IT companies in India?

Me: > Well, Accenture, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant and Wipro.

Interviewer: What was your topic in GD?

Me: It was about division of states issue which came up due to demand for

Interviewer: Elaborate a little bit and tell me your views on this issue.

Me: > Mr. Reddy, leader of political party in Andhra Pradesh, had gone on
a hunger strike for the demand of a new state of Telangana. The issue has been approved and postponed temporally for the ending of the hunger strike of Mr. Reddy. I strongly oppose the division of states. Division of states will never help in resolving the issues faced by the people. It will only add to the problems.

Interviewer: Where would you like to work if you are selected in Accenture.

Me: I live in Pune. So, my preference will definitely be Pune.

Interviewer: Ok Nikhil. Do you have any doubts?

Me: No Sir.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Me: Thank you, sir.

As expected, this was really a formality. Hardly one or two questions were asked just for the sake of asking. I really believed that I will get a job in Accenture after this marathon effort. My last interview ended at 10pm in the night. We were waiting from 9am in the morning. I was extremely exhausted. But, I was feeling a lot of joy as well.


I had a very good feeling that I will be placed. But unfortunately, I had to wait till 17th December for the result. On 17th December, a total of 68 students were placed in Accenture and I was one of them!

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Also look at the following placement interviews during the common platform placement. I was placed in all the 4 companies Infosys, Accenture Cognizant and TCS.

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